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Doukenie Winery

Doukenie Winery Doukenie Winery is part of Windham Farm and is a lovely 500-acre farm set in the rolling hills of Northern Virginia where one can enjoy a quiet afternoon in the country and a picnic by the pond.

From Washington D.C.: Route 66 West to Rt 267 (Dulles Toll Road) Follow to the Greenway. , Take the Rt. 7 West exit and proceed to the Rt. 9 exit (Hillsboro), Proceed 7.3 miles to and take a right onto Mountain Road (Rt. 690 north), Proceed 1 mile to Windham Farm on the left.; From Manassas: Follow Route 66 West to Route 15 North, Follow Rt. 15 to Leesburg and exit to Route 7 West and proceed to the Rt. 9 exit (Hillsboro), Proceed 7.3 miles to and take a right onto Mountain Road (Rt. 690 north), Proceed 1 mile to Windham Farm on the left.

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14727 Mountain Road, Hillsboro, VA, US, 20132 Email:
Phone: 540-668-7679 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc
Doukénie's 2007 Cabernet Franc is truly one of the best wines in 2007. The flavors are of powerful tobacco, raspberry, cassis (black currant), and eucalyptus. The perfect balance between alcohol, acidity and wood flavors give a fantastic sensation. This wine is not only a wine, but a new experience and a new horizon for Virginia Cabernet Franc.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This very European style wine, produced from our 25-year-old vines has a lot of cherry, black pepper and tobacco flavors. The French oak barrels give soft tannins and an oaky, spicy taste. It also has a very smooth finish.
A delicate balance of oak and creaminess gives this 2008 Chardonnay a beautiful style. This wine can be paired perfectly with chicken or pork, cheeses and appetizers.
This is our award-winning tribute to "The Duchess", Doukenie Bacos, the matriach of Windham. She was known as a woman of indomitable courage, strength and spirit. "Nana" entered the American shores alone, as a young girl at the age of 15 from her native Greece. Her life story can be found in the annals of Ellis Island history where she was interviewed and filmed some years ago as well. Jasmine, rose petal perfume and ripe pear characteristics flow from the glass in both aromatic and liquid form. This Traminette based wine with a small amount of Pinot Gris and Vidal is slightly sweet with a solid, crisp finish allowing it to stand alone or be paired with light fare.
  Hope's Raspberry Wine
Homegrown raspberries are fermented and blended with our oak-aged red wine. The combination creates an intense fruit flavor, chocolate notes from the oak, a balanced sweetness, and a finish with body.
This very cold and slow stainless steel fermentation process developed this blend of Traminette, Vidal and Seyval to create a multitude of complex tropical and floral flavors of lychees, and passion fruit. This lightly sweet wine has a long finish and is a pleasure for your palate.
The Vintage of the Century for Virginia, this wine is an amazingly full-bodied wine with its red and black fruits, spice and vanilla it brings a wonderful long finish. Merlot is best with poultry and grilled meats, but actually goes well with most foods. Enjoy this Merlot with a grilled sizzling steak, roasted pork tenderloin, black olives, mushrooms or a zesty tomato sauce over pasta.
  Petit Verdot
This 100% Petit Verdot has a very beautiful, deep red-purple color. This wine is very powerful and well-balanced with flavors of violet, black fruit and spice. It is uncommon to make a 100%Petit Verdot. The tannins of this wine are still angled but will become smoother in the bottle in less than one year. Doukénie's 2007 Petit Verdot can be paired wonderfully with aged cheeses and rich barbecue.
  Pinot Gris
This is Italy’s most popular white wine. Also known as Pinot Gris in France and other parts of the world. It is a crisp white wine, with a range of aromas from melon to pear, tropical, citrus fruit, honey and smoke. This Pinot Grigio pairs nicely with seafood, light pastas, cheese and crackers.
Riesling has very distinguished pineapple, flowery; almost perfumed flavors and aromas which are developed from the very cold stainless steel fermentation. It's acidity gives a long and fresh finish.
  Sauvignon Blanc
The very cold and slow stainless steel fermentation developed Doukenie’s beautiful Sauvignon Blanc with qualities of grapefruit, banana, citrus and tropical flavors. The fermentation in acacia barrels increases the white flowers and give more roundness to this wine.
This powerfully flavored and full bodied wine has a very distinguished violet and dark berry flavor. Chocolate and black pepper brings much complexity to this fabulous, earthy truffle wine with a smooth finish. Our Syrah can be paired with grilled or roasted lamb, veal, venison, olives, pancetta and salt-based ingredients.
  Vintners Reserve
The Vintage of the Century, this classic Bordeaux style blend offers your senses an explosion of flavors. The red and black fruits are predominant. You will also sense raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. Spices and black pepper create soft tannins and a smooth finish that is regal.


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