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Lucas Winery

Lucas Winery We started making wines here in 1978 with the belief that the Lodi Appellation had the potential to create great wines with their own style and personality. Our goal is to create elegant, flavorful, balanced Zinfandels. In pursuit of that goal, we designed a new winery that is unique in the world of Zinfandel. The new winery was completed in 2000. In it we incorporated the results from years of research in vineyard practices and winemaking. Many of our improvements have taken us back in time by maintaining the traditional punching down of the skins by hand, gravity flow, and the single layer arrangement of barrels in the Grand Chai. In our evolution, we aim to demonstrate the highest potential of the Lodi Appellation and provide an elegant space in which to learn about and enjoy wine, food, and the art of winemaking. The new Grand Chai with its single high barrels was designed specifically for the aging of a great wine. We know of no one that has gone to this effort to create elegant Zinfandels. Two important events are taking place in the Grand Chai: the wine is naturally clarifying as the small yeast and grape sediments settle to the bottom to the barrel and the wine is picking up the subtle oak flavors from the barrels. The single high arrangement provides ready access with out disturbing or moving the barrels and eliminates the chance of mixing the sediment back in the wine. Since we do not rely on filtration for our wine it is important that they rest in peace.


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18196 N. Davis Road, Lodi, CA, US, 95242 Email:
Phone: 209-368-2006 Web:
Fax: 209-368-4900
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  2002 Chardonnay
The 2002 Chardonnay was our sixth vintage. The wine, once blended and bottled, has The Lucas Winery signature of firm acidity for food pairing. Apple and citrus aroma combines with other nuances such as nuttiness, spice, and just a touch of the best French oak, for a complex, rich, and round flavor.
  2003 Chardonnay
The 2003 Chardonnay is crisp citrus, lime, ripe bartlett pear and a hint of green apple characterize this remarkable vintage. 1/2 of this vintage was fermented in new Tonnellerie Sylvain French Oak Barrels. This barrel maker's oak has a subtle influence that does not over power the delicate fruit. As with all The Lucas Winery Chardonnays' it has excellent acidity and food pairing ability. Enjoy for many years!
  Strawberry Port
This wine is a natural port that is rich and velvety. It is the essence of Zinfandel. This "straw wine" is characterized by sweetness, a highly aromatic bouquet, and concentrated flavors. The grapes for this wine were naturally semi-dried on straw, concentrating the flavors and sugar content. Each berry was then hand selected.Serve as an after dinner wine with a selection of blue cheese, apples and pears. Or, pour into a saucepan, add a couple of cloves, reduce by about a quarter, and pour over vanilla ice cream, surrounded by raspberries or boysenberries. For real pleasure add a few bits of chocolate. Or serve a dense chocolate decadent cake and a warm glowing fire.
This 100% Zinfandel wine is full of summertime, sunshine, fresh strawberries, and fresh cranberries. It's a chiller of a wine with more color and flavor than the typical dull white Zinfandel or blush, which is why we call it Zin Blossoms. It is an excellent choice as a first wine with a circle of friends. Great with California rolls, comida Mexicana, Thai, Hamburgers, a garden party, and a BBQ. Get comfortable, get tropical and serve as cold as possible. It goes with life on the sunny side all day long.


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