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E2 Family Winery

E2 Family Winery E2 Family Winery and vineyards are located on one of the San Joaquin delta islands, surrounded by rivers and situated between the majestic cities of San Francisco and Sacramento, California. Here the dark, rich soil allows for grapes of premium quality when cultivated by the experienced hands of one of California’s prime vintners. The Ehlers vineyards and E2 Family Winery are solely owned and operated by the Ehlers family who are 6 generations of Californians, rich in history, dating back to the California gold rush. As Ehlers family vineyardists and winemakers for the last 83 years, they are proud to currently offer 4 traditional California reds…Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel and a rich, velvety Port. The collection is completed with their three white wines...Chardonnay, newly produced Pinot Grigio and their rare and unique Verdelho.


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9009 W Hwy 12, Lodi, CA, US, 95242 Email:
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Fax: 209-365-9011
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  2000 Cabernet Sauvignon
This soft, yet well rounded fruitful Cabernet has been agreed upon by many of our fans as a wonderful, fun wine to introduce, “white wine lovers only,” into the fantastic world of red wines. In fact the judges at the 2004 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition felt so by awarding our wine a Silver Medal.
  2002 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon
As our youngest winemaker says, "this wine is the bomb". We've found that this exciting, fuity wine, is a "bigger" wine and the next step up from our 2000 Cabernet. It's a favorite among men and women alike.
  2002 Woodbridge Cabernet
Sauvignon This is our "Man's Cab", but the women are crazy for it too. The fruit flavors are much more intense and the smoky aromas remind us of sweet hickory smoke when lingering around a campfire.....this cabernet just gets better and better the longer it's in the bottle (Very limited cases left)!!!
This chardonnay with it’s great fruitiness which shocks the nose and explodes onto the palate is not a typical, heavy oak chardonnay but a smooth, refreshing dry wine which gives a great sparkling, citrus mouth feel that slides into another buttery finish.
  Delta Cabernet Reserve
Our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown in the rich, dark, sandy soil on our Delta island ranch. The island is surrounded by rivers and located between San Francisco and Lodi. : Because of our warm California sun and cool breezes from the San Francisco bay, Ehlers Family Winery is able to grow premium grapes for the creation of our rich Delta Cabernet Sauvignon. So the next time you’re craving a cabernet full of fruit, look for the label with the yellow delta cab.
2003 gave a harvest of smaller tonnage with remarkable quality Merlots. After harvest the fruit was hand-sorted and crushed for fermentation into stainless steel tanks. We felt the wine was so superb we almost decided not to blend in any other wine. But the winemakers decided to intensify the fruitiness and add a touch of spice by blending a minute amount of our Cabernet and Syrah, which brought the wine to perfection.
  Pinot Grigio
The light copper color is reminiscent of the richer Pinot Grigio grapes found in the Lombardy region of Italy and Alsace of France allowing for the true color of the grape to be expressed. This rich, true color is present without spending anytime on the skins! This E2 Pinot Grigio gives a blast of exotic fruits which exite the nose, fills the mouth with the tropical fruits of pineapple, mangos and the citrus tastes of oranges, tangerines and a hint of lime. The finish ends with the buttery essence of pears………and this was just our first year…………WOW!!!
This dark, rich, deep fruitful port, has the velvety quality comparing it to other more expensive ports at a fraction of the price. Wonderful to sip before or after your meals. For an elegant, quick dessert pour over a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and garnish with frozen berries or by accompanying your favorite, decadent, chocolate dessert!! See our award for this wine...
The highly citrus nose, which allows for an explosion of fruit upon the pallet, gives it the nuance of sweetness even though this is a dry wine. The fruits of grapefruit, tangerines, and limes end with a smooth, buttery finish. This wine is taunted as a great alternative to Chardonnay and a refreshing white wine for hot summer days or…………..just about anytime!! Phenomenal with your favorite scampi recipe or any fish, lamb or pork dish!!
We found this Zinfandel to have a nice purple, red color and a fruit filled nose with balanced smoky, oak flavors. On the palate there is an explosion of intense dark fruits and well-rounded sweet tannins that make you think the residual sugar is higher than it’s .03%. The mouth feel continues with an assortment of dark fruit and tangy, French island spices which flow into a white pepper finish! As with all reds, we believe, as our master winemaker and great grandfather Herman Ehlers professed, that these wines should be decanted 2 hours before serving to explore and truly appreciate all the wine has to offer!!!!


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