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Duck Walk South

Duck Walk South Fifty-six acres and the French Normandy, chateau-style building on Montauk Highway are now known as Duck Walk Vineyards. The name often draws a smile from the consumer who spots their unique labels on the shelf, but it was though out well-What food item can you find on menus the world over that would be synonymous with Long Island, the Long Island Duck, of course! Located next door to a former duck farm, the vineyards hold the secret to the wines.

We are easy to find, just off Montauk Hwy. in Water Mill minutes from Southampton.

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231 Montauk Highway, Water Mill, NY, US, 11976 Email:
Phone: 631-726-7555 Web:
Fax: 631-726-4395
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(Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer)A lush dessert wine exploding with complexity. Honeysuckle, peach, hazelnuts dominate the palate. Sweet with 12% natural residual sugar and balanced with perfection. Serve this dessert (wine) chilled and only a small amount (2 oz.) with your dessert of fresh fruit, cheeses, and even ice cream. The outstanding spice flavor is characteristic of this variety. (P.S.: Save the beautiful cobalt blue bottle for a fresh flower on your dinner table.)
  Blueberry Port
These hand picked wild mountain blueberries from Maine are small, concentrated, and brimming with flavor. Crafted to produce a complex Port Wine with intense fruit flavors.
  Boysenberry Dessert Wine
Made with fresh Oregon boysenberries. Serve chilled with tangy desserts, such as strawberry shortcake, or over vanilla ice cream.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet is as big as a lion but as gentle as a lamb. Outstanding fruit flavors of black cherry and black plum. Put this gentle giant with hearty beef dishes, zesty Italian foods ... even pizza
  Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
abernet is as big as a lion but as gentle as a lamb. Outstanding fruit flavors of black cherry and black plum. Put this gentle giant with hearty beef dishes, zesty Italian foods ... even pizza.
A well-balanced, beautifully crafted wine with hints of pear, apple, and vanilla (from long oak aging). The finish is exceptionally complex and lingering. A great wine at a great price. Superb with seafood, chicken, and great friends.
  Chardonnay Reserve
This wine was 100% barrel fermented in new French oak for eight months. Dry and brimming with tropical fruit flavors. Smooth, buttery, and beautifully balanced in the Duck Walk tradition. Splendid with veal, chicken, fish, and cheeses.
This wine is rich and fragrant with impressive texture, style, and smooth. This wine possesses generous currant and blackberry currant that remain vibrant on the palette.
  Merlot Reserve
Big, rich, dark red color abounding with black plum and black cherry flavors. This wine is unfiltered and handcrafted. Enjoy now, but will continue to age for many years. Have it with meats, duck, and great with Italian foods.
  Pinot Grigio
  Pinot Meunier
Duck Walk is the only producer of this wine in the entire eastern United States. This Burgundian wine rivals some of the best burgundies of the world. Rich black currant and plum flavors dominate throughout. The vines thrive in our Southampton vineyards, allowing the finished wine to gently touch your palate and then explode into a crescendo of complexity that's a surprise to many ... but not to us!
  Pinot Noir
Rich flavors of black currant and raspberries dominate throughout. Unfiltered.
  Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
A vintage wine from another vintage year. Rich flavors of black cherry, plum and chocolate. Hand crafted and very limited.
  Sauvignon Blanc
  Southhampton White
A rich, dry wine made from our first harvest of Pinot Gris grapes and blended with Pinot Blanc. Subtle fruit flavors dominate the palate. The ending is smooth and refreshing.
  Vidal Ice
  Windmill Blush
A blush wine with fruit flavors of strawberry and raspberry. Long Island's challenge to White Zinfandel. A delight with barbecue foods, chicken, and fish. Refreshing chilled and perfect for just sipping.
  Windmill Red
Black currant, plum, and raspberries dominate this semi-dry red wine. A soft wine to be enjoyed now with years of potential aging. Soft and smooth, elegant with beef, chicken, and especially with Italian food.
  Windmill White
A clean, crisp, bright, semi-dry wine to be enjoyed with seafood, veal, picnic fare, and guests. (We promise you ... no bite!)


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