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Moonrise Bay Vineyard

Moonrise Bay Vineyard Come sit on our porch in Carolina. It's one of the nicest places in the world. You see, it's where the sky begins. The sun likes to start its daily run here and what a sight it is, to watch it slit the misty horizon with pink and gold, then in silence burst over the Outer Banks across Knotts Island Sound. The hushed beauty, the natural fact of dawn sends a golden arrow across the water straight into your soul. But oh, the nights; pitch black; as silent as can be! Well, that's when it usually happens, a red glow at first and just then the most magnificent honey red moon jumps up...way too big to be real...clean and crisp, pure and mellow, mysterious...just like the wine. Hours: April - December Open Daily 12-5 PM.

This establishment has closed.

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, Knotts Island, NC, US, 27950 Email:
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Fax: 910-429-3090
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