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Gainey Vineyard

Gainey Vineyard The Gainey Vineyard produces 18,000 cases annually. Our collection of "Limited Selection" bottlings have received rave reviews from critics and consumers alike. In addition to producing premium wines, we also pride ourselves on our attention to guests. Our Tasting Room is open for tours and tastings daily and we encourage guests to enjoy Gainey wines in our scenic picnic area. We also have an extensive program of annual events, including outdoor summer concerts, winemaker dinners, cooking classes and our annual Crush Party. We invite you to join us in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.

From the North: From Highway 101 Southbound, take the Highway 154 exit (left turn) and continue about 7 miles, then take the Highway 246 exit (right turn). Our entry gate is about one-half mile on the left. From the South: From Highway 101 Northbound, take the Highway 154 exit (also called the San Marcos Pass), and continue on this road for about 30 minutes, then take the Highway 246 exit (left turn). Our entry gate is about one-half mile on the left.

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3950 E. Hwy 246, Santa Ynez, CA, US, 93460 Email:
Phone: 805-688-0558 Web:
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For those of you weary of okay and buttery Chardonnay, here is a wine that delivers unmasked Chardonnay flavors and Santa Rita Hills character without over-the-top manipulation. If you want to taste what Chardonnay can be like without much interference, try this on! With new oak impact at an all time low, one can actually see through the layers and depict the fruit. Here there are notes of baked apple and banana. Veins of minerality appear and disappear and there are in-check malolactic notes to suggest richness and complexity. In the mouth, the wine enters softly and the fruit emerges first. Apple, pear, and pineapple comprise the majority here. Only the slightest hint of new oak appears and integrates. The wine is fully flavored without being heavy or overbearing. All the elements are in balance to form a quite quaffable glass of Chardonnay. Enjoy with lighter seafood dishes, vegetarian courses, and most chicken selections over the next year or two.
  Limited Selection Chardonnay
What does one expect when they drink a bottle of California Chardonnay? A little fruit, a little oak and a little butter? And some Chardonnays are exactly that - a recipe with a little of this and a little of that. But what if all those elements were crafted from fine grapes into a wine that balanced those three components in a unique fashion that left a lasting pleasurable impression? Enter Gainey 2001 Limited Selection Chardonnay. Simply pulling the cork on the bottle releases a perfume into the room even before the wine is poured. Aromatically stuffed with scents of creme brulee, pear clafouti, cinnamon, and the distinctive Santa Rita Hills minerality, this wine has much to offer. Subtle French Oak shadings add weight and complexity. In the mouth the wine is voluminous. Flavors of citrus, peach and pear compote for center stage. Toasted bread makes an appearance, but in no way upstages the lead characters. Texturally the wine is creamy, but bright at the same time. The refreshing acidity keeps the wine lively and cleanses the palate. A lingering fruit sweetness rounds out the package.
  Limited Selection Merlot
When someone says Merlot, most of us have a prejudged opinion of and expectation for what will be in the glass. This vintage of Gainey Limited Selection Merlot hopefully will surprise those with predetermined pessimistic opinions and please those who have expectations of pleasure derived from a glass of Merlot. The first splash in the glass immediately releases an enticing perfume. Deep berry aromas predominate, but there is so much more here. Lovely toasted oak scents enhance the fruit and are complimented with sweet caramel and chocolate notes. A thin vein of minerality and a dash of mint add complexity. In the mouth the wine is suave with a restrained power. Refreshing, lively acidity ensures the wine will be food friendly. The smooth tannins and deep berry flavors, though, foretell pleasing experiences simply savoring the wine on its own. A compact wine, this Merlot takes a moment to open up and reveal delightful concentrated berry flavors. Patience pays off.
  Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc
If you have come to love new oak flavors in your white wines, then this wine will not fall in the category of “traditional favorite”. Please try it though, because we believe you will find plenty of richness and fullness on the palate without the new oak masking the fruit. What might have been cloaked in oak is now exposed. The aromatics of this wine really do change quickly though, so it really makes for fun drinking. The traditional Gainey richness is still here. Fruit aromas of fig, pear and pineapple are spiced with a dash of tarragon and mint. A noticeable band of minerality is persistent, but the scent of green pea ebbs flow. In the mouth the wine is all about vital freshness. Although concentrated, the wine is not heavy. Almost like a fine citrus sorbet, the wine enters with a sweet/sour impression. The long finish contributes a pleasant minerality. The texture is full and creamy, but flavors of grape, lime, gravel and lemongrass offer a contrast in perception. At the very end, there is that sweet pea note again. Enjoy with your favorite salad, vegetarian, or seafood dish.
We have eagerly awaited the release of our 2002 Merlot. The vintage started indicating its specialness just six months after picking and upon tasting the finished product in bottle our thoughts are confirmed. The aromatics are deep, rich and ripe. Blackberry and plum fruits are the core fruit characteristics, but there is a hint of dust and a thread of sweet tarragon and a kiss of spice. Judicious new notes supply a nearly invisible, but critical foundation, and just a dash of caramel. Sounds like a freshly baked fruit pie. Yum. In the mouth the wine is all about balance. Mild tannins support oodles of berry and plum fruit flavors. The wine is full bodied enough to accompany anyone’s favorite meat dish, but possesses enough fruit, and is smooth enough to enjoy on its own.
Although young, this newly bottled Riesling is showing plenty of character. Aromatically, scents of freshly baked bread, wet stones, and baby powder are the first out of the gate. Can’t have a California Riesling without floral notes and this one has them in spades - plumeria, honeysuckle, and roses all contribute. In fact, does anyone remember White Shoulders perfume? A bit of that in here as well. As the wine sits in the glass for a bit, the scents of apricots, oranges and lemon marmalade emerge. Given a little more time in bottle, this symphony of scents will all be playing together. In the mouth the wine is bright, fresh and clean. Lovely acidity balances the lowest residual sugar ever on Gainey Riesling (except for the Dry Riesling). A mélange of fruit flavors such as lemons, peaches and apricots intermingle and the lively spritzy character create a refreshing wine of depth to enjoy with a wide variety of foods - or simply enjoy by itself or at the beach. Enjoy over the next year or two.
  Sauvignon Blanc
In 2004, we reduced the percentage of our Sauvignon Blanc fermented in barrel. The result is an even brighter, fresher white wine with a distinctive Gainey Vineyard flavor profile. The aroma begins with subtle mineral, lemon and grassy notes, then expands to include melon rind, orange blossom and lemon cream scents. These are mirrored in the wine’s bright, clean, crisp flavors. As the wine airs, its creamy texture emerges, harmonizing with a cleansing acidity in the finish that impels you to take another sip, and another one after that. Drink this delicious, vibrant wine over the next year by itself or with your favorite casual meals.


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