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Colorado Cellars Winery

Colorado Cellars Winery Colorado's oldest winery - since 1978, featuring Champagne, Port, 12 grape wines, 6 fruit wines, 35 wine-based food items and hundreds of wine accessories and gift items. Large outdoor event area, underground barrel cellar, gazebo, picnic areas, and spectacular views! Family owned and operated, come see where it all began!

I-70 Exit 37, Hwy 141 south to C 1/2 Rd, east 5.6 miles

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3553 E Road, Palisade, CO, US, 81526 Email:
Phone: 800-848-2812 Web:
Fax: 970-464-0574
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  Alpenglo White Riesling
A fruity, semi-sweet wine with a clean, apple crisp finish and intense floral nose. Serve chilled with fruits, cheeses and white meet dishes like chicken, turkey or salmon.
  Avalanche Reserve White Zinfandel
Semi-sweet, berry flavors with a strawberry nose. Serve chilled at picnics, barbecues, or with simple foods like grilled entrees.
  Blackberry Wine
Lush, sweet, vine ripened blackberry flavors. Serve chilled with salads desserts or by itself.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry, rich berry flavors and soft oak tannins. Serve at room temperature with beef, pasta, lamb or soft-ripened cheeses.
Dry with balanced fruit flavors and a roasty oak nose. Served chilled with poultry, seafood dishes, cheese sauce or cream sauced pastas.
  Cherry Wine
Sweet-tart cherry pie flavors. Serve chilled with barbecue, sweet and sour dishes or with chocolate.
  Chokecherry Wine
Semi-dry, delightfully bitter-sweet and unique. Serve chilled with barbecue, Chinese, chocolate desserts or by itself
  Golden Nektar Mead
Light, soft bodied wine with rich, lush honey flavors. Semi-sweet. Serve chilled. Compliments any light meal, or serve by itself.
  Great Catherines' Spiced Mead
Light, soft bodied wine with rich, lush honey flavors. Semi-sweet. Serve chilled. Compliments any light meal, or serve by itself.
  Milestone Merlot
Dry, rich, oakey with black cherry fruit flavors. Serve at room temperature with any red meats, soft cheeses, pastas or game.
  Millennium Port Wine
Sweet, super rich and fruity. Served slightly chilled or at room temperature by itself, with desserts, soft cheese or fruits.
  Peach Wine
Tree ripened peach flavor, semi-sweet, crisp finish. Serve chilled by itself, with chocolate or with teriyaki foods.
  Plum Wine
Fresh picked, sweet-tart plum flavors. Served chilled with Chinese, sweet and sour dishes, pork, stir fry vegetables or desserts.
  Raspberry Wine
Fresh picked, sweet-tart, intense raspberry flavors. Serve chilled with salads, cheeses, pastas, grilled seafood dishes, brownies or by itself.
  Rendezvous Red
Full bodied, dry, with a fruity peppery finish. Serve at room temperature with any red meets especially game, and spicy italian dishes.
  Reserve Merlot
Robust, dry, intense fruit with a currant nose and finish. Serve at room temperature with lamb, sausage, duck or cheese dishes.
  Roadkill Red
Unique, semi-sweet, light red with raspberry overtones. Serve slightly chilled with simple, casual meals or with hamburgers, or fried chicken.
  Solar Gewurztraminer
Semi-sweet, spicy fruit with a floral nose. Served chilled sith Chinese, Teriyaki, Indian dishes, or fruit.
  Trinity Champagne
Brut Style, semi-dry, oak rich flavors, bursting with bubbles! Compliments everything!... Makes occasions festive and special.


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