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Delaplane Cellars

Delaplane Cellars Delaplane Cellars, created by Jim and Betsy Dolphin, is the result of a long journey that started as a simple foray into home winemaking and evolved into a passion for the creation of fine wines. In the late 1990's, after drinking and appreciating wine for over 25 years, Jim decided to try his hand at small scale home winemaking which led him to enroll in winemaking seminars offered at Linden Vineyards by Jim Law, an icon in the Virginia wine industry. While some of those early wines were barely drinkable, others were pretty good, although in retrospect, we're not exactly sure why! After taking additional wine making and viticultural seminars at Linden and elsewhere, including UC Davis, joining the Virginia Vineyards Association, visiting numerous wineries in both Virginia as well as on the West Coast, reading, reading and more reading as well as experimenting, our homemade efforts improved. In 2004, one of our homemade red wines took second place in the Virginia State Fair competition for amateur winemakers and in 2006 another one took the top prize. These are the only two red wines we've ever entered into competitions. Encouraged by these results, we started looking for a suitable vineyard and winery site and, after a 1 1/2 year search, we found our property in Delaplane. After several months of negotiating and many more of waiting, we formed Delaplane Vineyards, LLC (100% owned by us) which acquired our property at the end of June 2007.

From Washington, DC: Take I-66 W to Exit 23. Exit onto US-17 N/VA-55 W/Winchester Rd toward Delaplane/Paris. Continue to follow US-17 N/Winchester Rd. for approximately 4 miles. Destination will be on the right. From Loudon County: Take US HWY 15 S Turn right at John Mosby Hwy./Lee Jackson Memerioal Hwy./US-50 W. Continute to follow US-50 W. Turn right onto US-17 S. Continue for approximately 4 miles. Destination will be on left. From Richmond: Take I-95 N toward I-64/Washington/Charlottesville/Norfolk. Take exit 152B to merge onto Dumfries Rd/VA-234 N towards Manassas. Continue to follow VA-234 N. Merge onto I-66 via the ramp to Front Royal. Take I-66 W to Exit 23. Exit onto US-17 N/VA-55 W/Winchester rd toward Delaplane/Paris.Continue to follow US-17 N/Winchester Rd. for approximately 4 miles. Destination will be on right.

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2187 Winchester Road, Delaplane, VA, US, 20144 Email:
Phone: 540-592-7210 Web:
Fax: 540-592-7250
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  Barrel Fermented Chardonnay
Our 2008 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay is a medium bodied wine characterized by silky flavors of pear and apricot coupled with a hint of apple and some lightly toasted oak. The grapes where whole cluster pressed and the resulting juice was barrel fermented and aged sur lie for 10 1/2 months in 17% new and 83% two and three year old French oak barrels. Try our Chardonnay with roasted chicken, grilled white fish, lobster, crab, sautéed scallops, veal and dishes with creamy white or buttery sauces.
  Honah Lee Viognier
Our 2008 Honah Lee Viognier is a 100% varietal wine grown at Honah Lee Farm near Orange Virginia. The grapes where whole cluster pressed and the resulting juice was fermented to dryness and then aged sur lie for 10 1/2 months in small neutral French oak barrels. This viognier is characterized by powerful aromas and rich tropical fruit flavors mixed with orange blossoms, along with some creaminess on the palate. Viognier is considered to be an alternative to chardonnay and should be tried with richer and/or spicier foods as well as dishes that have some apricot or peachy character.
  Left Bank
Our 2007 Left Bank is a traditional red Bordeaux-style blend of 67% Cabernet Sauvignon (Tranquility Vineyards), 29% Merlot (Bella Luna Vineyard) and 4% Petit Verdot (Springlot Vineyard) grown by Ben Renshaw, Doug Fabioli and John Everson, respectively. The blend was assembled in the winter of 2007 and then aged in 33% new and 67% older French oak barrels for 20 months. The resultant wine exhibits flavors of blackberries and black cherries with some coffee and chocolate undertones married with layers of toasted oak. Our Left Bank would go nicely with marbled rib eye in a peppercorn sauce, steak tartare and horseradish, venison and peppered lamb with mint chutney.
  Maggie's Vineyard Viognier
This classic viognier is 100% varietal wine grown by Mark and Maggie Malick at their vineyard, formerly known as Emerald Lake, located on a western facing lower slope of Short Mountain near Neersville, Virginia. The grapes were whole cluster pressed and the wine was fermented to dryness and aged sur lie for 10 1/2 months in small neutral French oak barrels. The wine exhibits classical viognier aromas and flavors with hints of peach, apricot and honeysuckle together with a rich mouth feel. Try our viognier with richer foods in place of chardonnay, and with spicier foods (particularly Thai) as well as some foods that have some apricot or peachy character.
  Old World
Red fruit aromas and flavors of cherries, berries and plum, some Old World herbaceousness and nuances of leather and earthiness characterize this medium bodied, dry red wine. After cold soaking for four days, the grapes were fermented in open-top fermenters with a twice daily punch down. The wine was blended with small amounts of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to provide additional structure, depth and complexity, and aged in neutral French oak barrels for nine months. This Cab Franc will pair well with grilled or barbecued red meat, grilled lamb with mint sauce, grilled salmon, mushroom sauces (which go well with the forest floor earthiness of the wine) and sauces containing olives, peppers, rosemary or thyme.
  Shirland Syrah
Our 2007 Shirland Syrah grown by Michael Newland is a full bodied hearty red wine characterized by deep dark berry flavors with undertones of earth, mushrooms and toasted oak. After cold soaking for four days the must was fermented in open-top fermenters, punched down twice daily and then pressed at dryness. The wine was aged for 18 months in 25% neutral and 75% new French oak barrels and blended with a small amount of Viognier (7%) to provide some softness. This Syrah will pair nicely with grilled sausage, braised pork, peppery steak. and herb rubbed lamb. It also complements meat dishes that are finished with a red wine demi glace or mushroom sauce, hearty stews, black olives and dishes containing pungent herb flavors.


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Mary Rohrbaugh says...
My girlfriends and I planned a winery tour with a local limo service for today. I requested only 3 wineries for various reasons .... Vintage Ridge, Delaplane Cellars, and Barrel Oak. Vintage Ridge was welcoming, lovely wine, delicious pairings and great service. Delaplane Cellars was none of the above. The owner and manager wouldn't even let us enter their winery. They were rude!!!!! Why?? because we were being responsible and arriving in a limo? They wouldn't even suggest a location for our driver to park and wait while six ladies continued to enjoy their afternoon. They went as far as calling the police, as our driver was turning around to exit!!! The owners standing in our limo drivers way as he's attempting the leave. We left there insulted, embarrassed and angry to be treated so rudely. The owner and manager could have handled the situation more professionsally. We gave them opportunity to do so and they chose not to. We were dumbfounded!! We moved on, as they left us no choice ..... too many wineries to see, who would appreciate our company and our business. Thank you Barrel Oak for your warm and friendly welcome. We enjoyed our afternoon with you. I highly recommend Vintage Ridge and Barrel Oak. They are class acts!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING TO DELAPLANE CELLARS!!!!!

G.E. Guy says...
Delaplane Cellars is a beautiful winery. The owners are very nice and welcoming, and the wines are top notch. We also really appreciate their policy of not allowing limos, buses, or groups - a half dozen plus drunk folks hogging space at the tasting bar could make it hard to appreciate the nuanced oak in the Maggies Viognier, the berry notes of the rose, or the well balanced reds. Definitely worth a visit!