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Gilstrap Brothers

Gilstrap Brothers


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69789 Antles Lane, Cove, OR, US, 97824 Email:
Phone: 866-566-4200 Web:
Fax: 541-568-4450
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  2B10 White Merlot
Gilstrap Brothers 2B10 is the result of premium Columbia Valley merlot grapes processed white wine style with fermentation interrupted nearing completion for residual sweetness. This semi-sweet blush wine exhibits a brilliant peach color and fruity bouquet. On the palate, Gilstrap Brothers 2B10 lacks the tannins normally associated with the fermentation of a red wine style merlot. Prior to bottling, this wine has already been popular in our winery during “tank tasting.” 2B10 will be primarily available to our wine club members and winery visitors early in 2005 with official release at our 2005 Spring Release Wine Festival in May. Be sure to ask the winemakers how a sweet blush wine is made from intense dark fruit!
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is a wild, beast of a grape, so complex and rich that in winemaking, this varietal lives on it’s own timetable. From hang time on the vine, through harvest, to aging in the bottle, Cabernet Sauvignon relents to no one. For the winemaker and connoisseur with patience, Cabernet Sauvignon finally mellows to a wonderful, opulent, rich, and full-bodied wine of distinction. Aged in American Oak for twelve months, Gilstrap Brothers 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon is dark ruby red in color with an initial bouquet of wood smoke, yielding to dark ripe fruit with black currant and black cherry. Dense, powerful, and assertive, this hugely complex grape, alone in its intensity, carefully and timely crafted into wine is drinkable now, yet will age well into the future. Gilstrap Brothers 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon has a distinctive, lingering, slightly tannic finish and will compliment robust foods, and in turn, is greatly complimented by such foods.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Aged in select American Oak, Gilstrap Brothers 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon is blended with a small percentage of merlot to round out the opulent flavors of this intense varietal. Full bodied, assertive, and intense in flavors, this cabernet sauvignon has a deep bouquet of black cherry and wood smoke. Well balanced with a lingering finish, pair this bold Cabernet Sauvignon with rich and assertive dishes. Enjoy now and set some aside for further aging.Warren’s Pick!
Gilstrap Brothers 2002 Chardonnay displays a deep, golden autumn hue. Aromatically rich, the bouquet suggests hints of hazelnut and clove. Light in texture and aged briefly in Oregon White Oak to impart a rich, lingering finish, Gilstrap Brothers 2002 Chardonnay can be paired with lighter fare, or served as a dry aperitif wine.
Honey-straw in color, this distinctive, bold, full-bodied Chardonnay is aged for a full twelve months in first-year Oregon White Oak. The bouquet suggests an autumn walk with earthy, nutty, woodland overtones. Nicely balanced with a lingering finish, this wine has flavors of apricot and honey. Pair this Gilstrap Brothers 2001 Chardonnay with poultry, fish, light game, and heartier main-course dishes.
Gilstrap Brothers 2002 Merlot, blended in Bordeaux style, is aged in American Oak for one full year. Bold and full of fruit, this medium bodied merlot has a soft and lingering finish with subtle texture on the palate. Blended with a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon, for increased body and texture, Gilstrap Brothers 2002 Merlot will age wonderfully into the future while being completely drinkable now. Ted’s Pick!
Gilstrap Brothers 2001 Merlot exhibits a color of dark plum. The bouquet suggests dark black cherry, black walnut and spice. On the palate, the peppery spice texture of full, ripe dark fruit and toasted oak yields a rich, elegant, well-balanced finish. Refined with soft tannins, Gilstrap Brothers 2001 Merlot appeals to all and is easily drinkable, complimenting all fares. Our Winemaker’s pick!
  Rio Grande Ronde
Gilstrap Brothers Rio Grande Ronde is a non-vintage fruity red table wine with a flowery cherry blossom bouquet. This delicate wine exhibits a ruby color, is light in texture, and is aged for twelve months in American Oak. The roots of this grape have shared the soil with long-standing cherry orchards overlooking the Grande Ronde Valley of eastern Oregon, which is home to the Gilstrap Vineyards. Our estate bottled Rio Grande Ronde red table wine may be enjoyed as a cocktail wine, or is easily paired with light to robust fare.
  Sauvignon Blanc
With a bouquet of pears and citrus, Gilstrap Brothers 2003 Sauvignon Blanc is unoaked to showcase this wonderful fruit. Nicely balanced with medium texture, this sauvignon blanc, with light honey color and elegant finish, can be easily paired with rich foods or enjoyed as an aperitif cocktail wine.


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