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Long Trout Winery

Long Trout Winery Peace signs, tie dyes and bell bottoms, flower rings of baby's breath and daisies, headbands and halter tops, yellow subs and blue meanies, beads and weeds, 60's music veiled in smoldering incense and clean, crisp homemade style wines like everyone's Grandpa used to make...These familiar images capture the essence of Long Trout Winery. An unequaled slice of time and tradition where being 'different' is what it's all about. Hours: Wed, 6pm to 9pm, Sat. 1pm to 7pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm.

Rt. 61(past Hamburg) North of I 78, Rt 895 W, toward Auburn, Turn at first left, onto Fort Lebanon Rd., At fork in road, go left over bridge onto Fork Mountain Rd., Proceed up hill (1/2 mile), Watch for '84' on mailbox on left and the Winery sign/ parking on right.

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84 Fork Mtn. Road, Auburn, PA, US, 17922 Email:
Phone: 570-366-6443 Web:
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  Azure Blueberry
Dry or sweet from the berry to the pie, excuse me while I kiss the sky
  Berried Alive
This one will speak for itself! It's a Waskully One!
  Dark & Disturbing (Steuben)
Reminiscent of some of your daughter's boyfriends, this classic "snake oil" exudes crisp fruit with hints of berry.
  Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Q (Red Beet Wine)
This musical wine has a good "beet". It's a red, red wine that makes you feel so fine.
  Forever Strawberry Fields
Let me take you down…nothing is real …except the incredible nose and bursting flavor. The strawberries will surround and astound you!
  Fuzzy Groove Peach
Light, "just picked" groovy taste that lingers on the pallet.
  Glass Unyon (Onion Wine)
When you sniff the bouquet, you'll crave salami, but don't underestimate what it will do for a good roast.
  Granny's Toast (Concord grape)
Just like Granny's jelly, except you don't spread this one.
  Grope The Lope Cantaloupe
Like grabbing a pair of cool, dead-ripe melons at your local farmer's market and squeezing the juice out of them.
  HaHiyuga Cayuga White
Try rhyming something with Cayuga…with no rhyme or reason, this "medium" squeeze will please.
  Hippie Way Chardonnay
Crisp and clean, handcrafted by a merry band of aging Hippies.
  Honey Dew
Put this sweet one on your "to dew" list.
  Honey Don't (Mead Wine)
It took a lot of bees a lot of time to weave this tapestry of meadow flavors.
  Hung Tongue Plum
White Ozark plums linger on your palate and rebuilds from the sweet center out to the tart skin.
  Koo-Koo-Kachoo (Kerner)
Whether you're a walrus or an eggman this Riesling clone is sure to please any mop top.
  Lus-T-Berry (Teaberry)
Picture the little the "Hippie Gnomes" going out at midnight with gunny sack and flashlight in hand to harvest the mythical yet mystical berries at their peak of ripeness. Will this alleged aphrodisiac catch Monica's attention with it's cool, "minty fresh" properties?
  mr Nice Melons (Watermelon)
Sweet and luscious, these Melons are up front and in your face.
  mra Nice Pear
Light and sweet back by popular demand.
  Old One Eye (Garden Vegetable Medley)
This reeeally Long Trout exclusive has been engineered to enhance food and beverages. Like drinking a salad, this complex creation will smooth out your Bloody Mary to garden fresh perfection.
  Omnipular (Cabernet Sauvignon)
All seeing, all knowing, always right, don't question this dry red. It takes control of any situation.
  Psychedelic Jack O'Lantern
Pumpkins all carved up, oven roasted & lightly spiced. This "Holloweenie" really glows!
  Purple Craze (Chambourcin)
Dry as a dog's bone, regal in color, Cousin Itt's favorite.
  Slowly I Turned Niagara
Curly would "Soitenly" take a beating from Moe to get up close and personal with a bottle of this fruity juice. NYUK, NYUK, NYUK
  Sour Cherrieola
Remember the Sour Cherry tree by the creek when you were a young whippersnapper, close your eyes and relive this classic smell and taste, this time you won't have to spit the pit.
  The Immaculate Hoe Merlot
Silky, smooth, soft and dry…
  Third Eye (Seyval)
Holy cow! Full bodied and dry as a pyramid's belly. Keep an eye out for this one.
  Tye Dyed Tomato
It's not at all what you imagine…you'll be amazed by this garden treat.
  Vinshield Viper (Vidal)
Named after that infamous Pennsylvania Dutch poisonous snake. Vhen it's bad wetter aught, vatch for das vinsheild viper, na voncst.
  Waskully Wraspberry (Black & Red)
Be wery, wery qwiet cause we're huntin' those waskully wabbits in the wraspberries!
  We All Live In A Yellow Nectarine
Succulent "dead ripe" fruit, dripping with sweet nectar…Calling All Hummingbirds, you'll want to stick your beaks into a bottle of this heavenly ferment.


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