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Franklin Hill Vineyards

Franklin Hill Vineyards While some wineries offer tours AND tastings at Franklin Hill the tasting room is a counter in the winery building so you do both simultaneously. It is small and informal with either the owner, winemaker or both providing a warm welcome. Although well-signed finding the winery is an adventure in itself and the secluded vineyard is a welcome sight. Hours: Monday- Saturday 11-4.

From Rt. 22 (North of Easton) take 611 North to Martins Creek. At the stop sign, make a left on Front St. At top of hill, go right onto Franklin Hill Rd. Go 1.7 miles to private lane leading through the vineyard to the winery.

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7833 Franklin Hill Road, Bangor, PA, US, 18013 Email:
Phone: 888-887-2839 Web:
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This blend of the classic Champagne grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier is made in the traditional Méthode Champenoise. This cuvée has the essence of yeast and citrus flavors with a smooth and delicate finish.
  Cabernet Franc
A dry, oak-aged red wine. As one of the premium grapes grown in Pennsylvania, this wine has a light body and an essence of peppers. Enjoy with tenderloin of veal or pork and steak fajitas. A wine competition medal winner!
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A dry, oak-aged red wine with some complexity. This wine has rich flavors of chocolate and black fruits with wonderful, silky tannins from French oak.
  Cayuga White
A medium-dry, white wine that is light and crisp with a hint of fruit flavor. Great for light fare foods, seafood, chowder and quiche. This is one of our favorite wines to relax with.
A dry, oak-aged red wine. This medium bodied wine has a distinctive bouquet of black currants, cherries and coffee creating a unique taste with a light essence of oak. A perfect match for a variety of foods from nachos to fine steaks. A wine competition medal winner!
A dry, oak-aged, white wine. Using the world-famous vinifera grape, we love the pale, gold color from the oak, the subtleness of apples in the nose and the buttery finish which completes the delicate structure of this wine.
  Country Kiss
A semi-dry rose' wine. We have been enjoying this light wine with all pork and ham dishes. It is also perfect with appetizers and after-dinner cheeses and nuts. We compare this wine to the popular White Zinfandel.
  Country Red
A sweet, fruity red wine. This 100% Concord wine achieves its top seller status due to its distinct fruitiness and light, delicate finish. We love to break all of the rules so we encourage you to enjoy this wine with ice cubes and fruit juices.
  Country Rose
A semi-sweet rose' wine. A favorite among casual wine drinkers, this wine is
  Country White
A sweet, white wine. This wine is a blend of Cayuga White and Vidal Blanc grapes which produce a savory sweet wine with delicate flavors. One of our favorite times to enjoy this wine is on warm summer afternoons, with breads, cheeses, quiches and fruits.
  De Chaunac
A dry, oak aged red wine. A staple of our wine list, this is a heartier, heavier bodied wine with spicy flavors amidst a strong, smoky wood background. Pair with beef, pastas and red sauces.
A sweet, fruity red wine. We blended best selling Country Red with natural fruit flavors to make a party for your mouth! Add peaches and savor the flavor!
A sweet, fruity white wine. This wine has a distinctive bouquet and taste. We pour Niagara in a tall glass and top it with sliced fruit. Aahhh!
  Seyval Blanc
A dry, white dinner wine. This 100% varietal wine has a crisp start and a beautiful, soft finish that is a perfect accompaniment to seafood and light sauces. A wine competition award winner. How perfect for dinner tonight!
  Simply Red
A medium-dry red wine made from 100% Chambourcin. With its nicely balanced flavor, this wine features a subtle nose, fruity qualities, and a smooth finish. A very versatile wine with a large and loyal following. A wine competition medal winner!
  Vidal Blanc
A semi-dry, white wine. This wine compliments hors d'oeuvres, fruits and cheeses making it a great wine for differing palates. Serve it at your next get-together.
  White Jade
A dry, oak aged white dinner wine. We call this our "every day Chardonnay" using Vidal Blanc to produce a full bodied wine that has a subtle oak finish. As unique as the person for whom it was named: Elaine's granddaughter, Jadelyn.
  White Sangria
A sweet, fruity white wine. We add citrus fruit juices to our Niagara wine to make a new twist on the traditional Sangria style. Savor all the unique flavors! A perfect punch mixer


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