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R. Stuart & Company

R. Stuart & Company For us, here in the heart of downtown McMinnville ("the Beaune of the New World" as described by Jay McInerney), the dream is unfolding, case by case. We've taken over an old granary and converted it to a winery. This fall we'll be harvesting grapes from vineyards like Temperance Hill, Bethel Heights and Brunker Hall . . . some of our favorites. We'll make only the wines we love - pinot gris, pinot noir and sparkling wine.


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845 NE Fifth Street, McMinnville, OR, US, 97128 Email:
Phone: 503-472-6990 Web:
Fax: 503-472-7940
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  Big Fire Pinot Gris
I kept thinking of HONEY and little yellow and black honey bees. The wine has a musky, sweet smell that makes you think of clover, fresh cut hay (not grass) piled in the barn loft. And maybe uniquely Oregon, the smell of Manzanita trees in bloom. Some of the fruit for the pinot gris comes from the Melrose Vineyard in Southern Oregon; a vineyard that’s surrounded by Manzanita trees. Also typical to the Melrose Vineyard is that yellow-orange flavor and the aroma of tropical fruits like papaya and mango. Take a big deep breath and inhale it -- it’s what I love about winemaking in Oregon. You can be carried aloft mentally to the places the fruit comes from.
  Big Fire Pinot Noir
It became obvious fairly quickly that we were all admiring the same thing.One of us raised an eyebrow, another mouthed a silent 'wow!' The rest nodded in agreement. What a presence! Maybe it was the confident air. Or perhaps it was the heady combination of strength and gentleness. Like a good tweed-- rich, intricate, familiar. You know the look we mean. The rumpled, but nonetheless attractive professor, that intriguing mix of beauty, wit and charm. In a moment we were taken, captivated by the intoxicating presence. I found myself thinking, "Where to now, Professor?"
  Rosé d'Or
Imagine this — Drinking the sparkling nectar that has inspired kings and queens, emperors, authors and celebs for centuries.


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