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Bennett Vineyards

Bennett Vineyards Bennett Vineyards is proud to offer America's First Wine made from native Scuppernong and Muscadine grapes. The Colonist were enjoying this unique wine with Sir Walter Raleigh's Colony at Roanoke Island in 1685. Bennett Vineyards' grapes are grown on land located between the historic Neuse and Pamlico Rivers near Edward, NC.. This was a Land Grant to the Bennett Family by King Charles II. The sandy soil is ideal for producing grapes and the Old Fashion Homemade Wine Recipe of 1840 makes a tasteful wine that "smells like grapes and tastes like grapes". These grapes are reputed to have the highest antioxidant content. Bennett Vineyards welcomes ALL to tour, taste and purchase WINE that is so much a part of AMERICAN HISTORY. We offer six varieties of wine - Mount Vernon White (sweet Scuppernong), Scuppernong White (semi sweet Scuppernong), Charlestowne Red (sweet Muscadine), Muscadine Red (semi sweet Muscadine), Roanoke Red (dry Muscadine) and Blush (Scuppernong/Muscadine Blend) are priced under $10.00 with discounts for multiple purchases. Private labels are available. Hours: Mon-Sat, 2-5 pm.

Beaufort County - 35 miles south of Greenville, off Hwy 33. Follow signs.

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6832 Bennett Vineyards Road, Edward, NC, US, 27821 Email:
Phone: 252-322-7154 Web:
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Scuppernong/Muscadine Blend
  Charlestowne Red
sweet Muscadine
  Mount Vernon White
sweet Scuppernong
  Muscadine Red
semi sweet Muscadine
  Roanoke Red
dry Muscadine
  Scuppernong White
semi sweet Scuppernong


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