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Girardet Wine Cellars

Girardet Wine Cellars Philippe Girardet is a native of a small Swiss town near the headwaters of the Rhone, a French speaking region where winemaking is a centuries old tradition. It was there, in his uncle’s vineyard, that Philippe gained his first experience with winegrowing, a love that would lead him to found Girardet Wine Cellars in 1971. Yet it was not a straight road. At Cal Tech in the early 1960’s, Philippe worked as a design engineer. Then fate intervened. Philippe met Bonnie, a beautiful young woman who had cultivated her own passion for the wines of Europe. They were married soon after, romantic idealists to the very heart. Such idealism and a lot of dreaming led them to Oregon in the late 1960’s, where on a vacation up the coast they discovered the lush Umpqua Valley. The Girardets stopped by Richard Sommer’s Hillcrest Vineyard and were enchanted by the character and complexity of his wines. The Girardets established their own vineyard in 1971, and it now totals 35 acres of over 30 varieties which have been painstakingly selected over the years. They selected a vineyard site Southwest of Roseburg on a sunny slope on the borderline of the cool coastal climate and the warm interior Umpqua Valley. The shale hillside produces intensely flavored wines of a delicate yet luscious quality. “This is an outstanding area for fruit, especially grapes.” says Philippe. “We make wines that reflect the qualities of the Umpqua Valley region, wines that compare with any from the best regions in the world.” The winery has since established a reputation for its collection of wines, producing award-winning Baco Noir, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and others. A very popular blended wine has been created and perfected over the years, the Grand Rouge, which is a Rhone style blend of 14 different grapes, and the result is a very smooth, versatile red wine at an affordable price.


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  Baco Noir
Displays a brilliant dark garnet color with great legs. Sweet, vibrant aromas of dark fruits, blueberries, strawberry jam, and a little toasted vanilla. Flavors of dark, silky fruits and boysenberry build slowly and then linger on with toasty, spicy flavors in the finish. Incredibly drinkable with a luscious mouth feel. Moderately oaked. Try with pastas, spicy meats, or a chocolate & berry fondue!
  Baco Noir Reserve
This wine displays a brilliant, dense garnet color with toasty aromas of blackberry and vanilla. It opens with a silky smooth mouthfeel with jammy, brambly berry and plum flavors mingled with sweet toasty oak undertones. Loads of fruit in the mid-palate with a hint of leather. Fine grained tannins are barely perceptible in the long, lingering finish. Excellent with rich and spicy Italian cuisine, or try with a chocolate or berry dessert.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine displays a medium garnet color with great legs. Spicy aromas with berry and toasty notes are evident. A true Bordeaux style with moderate, refined tannins. Berry and earthy flavors are elegantly intertwined with spicy components. A great wine with or without food.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Dense, brilliant ruby color. Opens with aromas of cedar, spices, and toasty black fruits. Displays a full body on the palate, with chewy flavors of boysenberry and plum intertwined with some toasty, darker notes. A very ripe, concentrated vintage, yet it displays elegance and charm. Great with pepper steak.
This wine opens with ripe honeydew melon and toasty vanilla aromas. Displaying great legs and body, it has a wonderful balance of citrus, melon, and apple fruits with moderate toasty oak. Finishes with light nutty flavors. An excellent sipping wine, but also great with poultry, seafood, and spicy foods.
  Gewürztraminer Frostbite
Displays a pale golden color with great legs and viscosity. Highly aromatic, with incredible aromas of honey, melon, pineapple, and perfume leading to a dazzling tasting experience. Flavors of honey and apricot nectar lead, with subtle dried pineapple and tropical flavors lingering on and on in the finish. Excellent without any accompaniment, but try with fruity desserts for a real treat.
  Grand Rouge
Displaying a bright medium ruby color, this wine opens with aromas of fresh raspberries and a touch of vanilla. Flavors of berry and spice with a smooth mouthfeel lead to a soft, mellow finish. Great with any foods or as an aperitif—very versatile!
  Marechal Foch Estate
This vintage displays a dark ruby color with aromas of ripe strawberries, plums, and a hint of vanilla. On the palate it is silky and smooth, imparting nice berry flavors, spices, and floral notes. Very light on tannin, it finishes almost like velvet with a perfectly balanced finish - neither sweet nor tart. Excellent with sweet deserts (chocolate) rich main courses, or just curled up on the couch!
  Pinot Gris
This wine opens with a very fresh, floral aroma with grapefruit, citrus fruits, and a hint of banana. Flavors match the aromas, with a very fruity, clean and smooth quality. Finish is long and delightful, with a very light trace of sweetness balanced by good acidity. Pairs great with chicken, pork, and seafood—but also great alone!
  Pinot Gris Late Harvest
Displaying a beautiful amber-apricot color, this wine has incredible aromas of melon, banana, and ripe tropical fruits. The same flavors explode on the palate with a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. It exhibits excellent balance, not too sweet, not too dry, and the flavors linger on and on in the long finish. Try with a tropical sorbet!
  Pinot Noir Barrel Select
Beautiful, brilliant ruby color with great legs. Rich aromas of cherries, strawberries, and currants with earthy notes and very subtle oak. Opens with an abundance of well integrated flavors of black fruits and vanilla with mineral hints on the finish. Youthful tannins make this a versatile food wine now and will mellow with age. Very Burgundian style
  Pinot Noir Barrel Select
Very brilliant, bright ruby color. Opens with intense, complex sweet aromas of raspberries, cherries, and strawberries intertwined with toasty French oak. It initially explodes with smooth, silky fruit flavors, then glides across the palate with some cinnamon spice. Velvety tannins linger on with each sip. A very elegant vintage with perfect balance
  Pinot Noir Petite Cuvée
Opens with wonderful aromatic strawberry aromas and light toasty spices. Vibrant fruit flavors mingle and then softly fade to a smooth finish with delicate spices. Very drinkable and versatile—try with seafood, pasta, or just by itself!
  Pinot Noir Petite Cuvée
Opens with wonderful aromatic strawberry aromas and light toasty spices. Vibrant fruit flavors mingle and then softly fade to a smooth finish with delicate spices. Very drinkable and versatile—try with seafood, pasta, or just by itself!
  Pinot Noir Reserve
Displays a dense ruby color with great legs. Deep, opulent aromas of dark fruits and complex spices with light toasty vanilla. Upon tasting, it explodes with generous fruit and spicy flavors. Mellow tannins are integrated into a smooth yet firm mouthfeel. Very versatile style - excellent with or without food.
  Pinot Noir Reserve
Showing a brilliant medium ruby color, this wine has deep aromas of toasty vanilla raspberries, with a high-toned floral note. It greets the palate with an abundance of flavors—opening with smooth fruits and violets, and then gliding into a smooth finish with rich flavors of currants and toasty oak. Great balance, with enough acidity to keep things interesting. Great upon release, but will easily age 6-8 years. Try with smoked salmon or roast beef.
  Pinot Noir Reserve
The fruit for this Umpqua Valley Pinot Noir comes from the Estate Vineyard, the Melrose Vineyard, and Bradley Vineyard in Elkton. The 2001 vintage has resulted in a very refined Pinot Noir. We carry out our winemaking the traditional Burgundian way, with small, hand punched lots, gentle handling, and minimal filtration. Only the very best hand-sorted lots are used in our Pinot Noir Reserve.
  Riesling Estate
A very aromatic vintage, this wine displays aromas of apricot and apple with hints of rose petals. Smooth and fruity, it greets the palate with refreshing flavors of apple and pear. Finishes lightly sweet with well balanced acidity. Ideal with spicy foods, cheeses, or just for sipping!
  White Zinfandel
Diplays a true rosé color, with soft fruity aromas, and a hint of rose pedals. Sweet berry fruits introduce this wine, and it departs with a refreshing finish. Easily drinkable.


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