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Township 7 Vineyards Naramata Bench

Township 7 Vineyards Naramata Bench Two qualities distinguish Peter Vella Wines from others similarly priced and packaged. First, our wines come from premium California grapes, harvested from some of the state’s best-known growing regions. Many of the vineyards enjoy the benefits of warm days and cooler nights, producing ripe, flavorful grapes that have made California world-famous for wine. Second, Peter Vella has been making smooth, easy-to-enjoy wines for 40 years. All of his talent and experience have gone into the wine you may be enjoying right at this very moment, Peter Vella Wines. Our family’s wines combine the delicious flavor of superb varietal grapes with a smooth, enjoyable quality that sets them apart from the rest. In fact, our entire portfolio of wines has been awarded the 2007 ChefsBest™ Award for Best Taste by the professional chefs of American Culinary ChefsBest™. Try us and you’ll agree, Peter Vella Wines represent a difference you really can taste.


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1450 McMillan Avenue, Penticton, BC, CA, V2A 8T4 Email:
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The appeal of Peter Vella® Blush begins with the color. A pale rose tint that looks as fresh and clean as it tastes. As you might expect, this is a light-bodied wine that exhibits pleasing notes of red berry fruit and then finishes crisply. It's easily one of the most refreshing wines we offer.
Burgundy wines, or wines that originate from the Burgundy region in France, have long been prized for their hearty character and flavor. Peter Vella® Burgundy, made in the style of these wines, offers a similar taste experience, beginning with a medium body that segues smoothly into delicious hints of black cherry fruit.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
The grapes for Peter Vella® Cabernet Sauvignon are harvested from some of California’s best-known growing regions. Unlike many other Cabs, however, this wine is created in a light, easy-to-enjoy style with soft notes of cherry fruit and a wonderfully smooth finish.
California Chablis has enjoyed enormous popularity for many years and ours is one of the best. Peter Vella® Chablis offers a clean, refreshing taste accented by soft floral notes a smooth finish.
Of the white varietals, Chardonnay is by far the most popular, and after tasting Peter Vella® Chardonnay, you’ll know why. Our Chardonnay has a refreshing, fruit-forward style, accented by notes of green apple and pear. Hints of oak provide just enough depth. The finish is clean with a gratifying smoothness.
  Delicious Red
Peter Vella® Delicious Red earned its name for two very good reasons – its brilliant color and bright, fruity taste. Light-bodied and smooth on the palate, this wine has notes of strawberry and raspberry that are sure to please on hot summer days!
You can think of Merlot as a softer, even friendlier, version of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Peter Vella® Merlot, in particular, has a lighter mouthfeel and a fresher taste that people really seem to appreciate. Its easy-to-enjoy style marries well with the prominent but delicate flavors of ripe raspberry and cherry.
  White Grenache
The delicate salmon hue of Peter Vella® White Grenache comes from leaving the juice on its skins for just the right amount of time. Our White Grenache has a lighter body with enticing flavors of fresh, red berry fruit. The clean, crisp finish makes this wine a real winner on hot summer days.
  White Zinfandel
Bright flavors of fresh strawberries and ripe watermelon really make Peter Vella® White Zinfandel a stand-out when it comes to delivering flavor and consistently high quality. You'll be sure to appreciate the wine's light body, and its crisp, clean finish complements the bright fruit characters with an easy grace and charm. Enjoy!


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Tim Arnold says...
Your Wine is great, but I only got to drink two glasses from the newly open box, and came back to an empty box and a big flood. Your Valve Leaks ! Big Mess, UNACCEPTABLE !

James says...
Really like the blush wine...smooth and easy to drink, not too sweet with a slight hint of a dry finish. For the price, not bad.

Brenda Robel says...
I just purchased a Chablis and OMG! it is by far the worst ever. NEVER NEVER AGAIN!

Doreen Scott says...
Hi I live in the Fox Valley of Illinois. I'm sorry to say your chardonnay boxes of wine are taking a terrible beating. The boxes are all beat up, and hardly any of the stores is carrying your brand. I love your Chardonnay, but I'm having a hard time finding it.. Other companies espesially Franzia isn't having this problem. I refuse to by their wines. Any advice? Thanks

Jane Gidzinski says...
Your box wine valves leak. After the first use Three boxes so far have leaked. We really like your wines but are troubled by the valves leaking all over our Refrigerator. Thank You for your review of this problem.