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Crooked Vine & Stony Ridge Winery

Crooked Vine & Stony Ridge Winery Crooked Vine's dedication to the Livermore Valley wines stems from owner/winemaker Dale Vaughn-Bowen growing up in one of California's oldest wine regions. From the beginning the winery's commitment has been to make big, bold, fruit forward wines, while working with the best fruit available. What is intriguing about our wine is knowing that it is okay, even encouraged, for each wine to be different, to have something unique to say about the vintage, about the varietals, about the soil in which it grows. Experience, knowledge and a focus on blending small lots, is where our artistry is evident. While visiting the tasting room words like full-bodied, elegant and long are sure to be emitted, the real fun is when no words are whispered and a barely audible sigh can be heard between sips. Wine geekism has no place here, just pure enjoyment of the ambiance. Making a great wine and expressing that wine's character shares with you, our commitment to Livermore Valley wines. Tasting Room open daily 11am - 4:30pm.


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5625 Greenville Road, Livermore, CA, US, 94550 Email:
Phone: 925-449-0458 Web:
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  Cabernet Sauvignon - Livermore Valley
We hand-selected just 2 ½ barrels of exceptionally deep black cherry/briar/vanilla Cab of Clones 4 and 337, spiced with a pinch of Juan’s new wood blend, mellowed with a modicum of Merlot, and infused with a splash of Cabernet Franc fragrance. Result? …a very small amount of a very nice, elegant and age-worthy red, befitting of Crooked Vine.
Our Chardonnay grapes are nurtured at the Sblendorio Estate and Vineyard. The golden color and smooth finish are developed through a slow aging process in French Oak barrels. Its subtle bouquet suggests peach and apple orchards in spring, and its flavor combines the very best of honey, butter and peaches.
Red wine enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Crooked Vine’s Sangiovese grapes come from the exclusive Crackerbox Vineyards. The discriminating palette will discover a sweet strawberry taste enhanced with accents of blackberries and cassis, with a bouquet to match. A velvety red, Crooked Vine Sangiovese will make a fine meal memorable and top off even the most sinful dessert. Because we use only the highest caliber grapes, production and availability for the Sangiovese is limited.
Crisp grapefruity Livermore Valley Viognier judiciously folded into barrels of peachy-lychee and rich Cienega Valley wine is this lovely luscious libation within. Allow it to caress your tongue and awaken those taste buds. A true 10 on the yumminess scale! We are proud to offer this as Winemaker Tom Lane’s first full Crooked Vine release.
This classic black cherry colored wine offers ripe berry and milk chocolate flavors that are supple and velvety. It is beautifully balanced, with a fleshy texture that materializes into an impeccably refined finish.
  Zinfindel - Cienega Valley
My father is a classic – impeccable, refined and timeless. It is fitting that his favorite wine also has the same qualities. Classic black cherry in color, this wine offers ripe berry and milk chocolate flavors that are supple and velvety. It is a beautifully balanced wine with a fleshy texture that opens into an impeccably refined finish. Like my dad, this wine is timeless.


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