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Hamacher Wines

Hamacher Wines Hamacher Wines handcrafts Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with great care and passion, striving for depth of character, balance and consistency in every vintage. We invite you learn more about our wines and what makes them so special.


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801 N. Scott Street, Carlton, OR, US, 97111 Email:
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  Chardonnay Cuvée Forêts Diverses
The elegance of the '02 vintage comes through in the complexity of this wine. With naturally bright acidity balanced by the satiny richness of the barrel regime, admirers of full bodied, fruit driven wines appreciate the extra time that goes into the production of our wines. Pear, citrus and anise spice dominate the aromatics while mineral laden cream brullee and apples move the palate along. It's supple, broad, long and satisfying.
  Chardonnay Cuvée Forêts Diverses
Made in the C.F.D. tradition, big and rich with layer upon layer of spicy fruit wrapped around a firm backbone. Great balance. Great texture. A great wine from a stellar vintage. A glimpse of the future of Oregon Chardonnay.
  H Chardonnay Willamette Valley
This is the first multi-vintage H chardonnay I have put together. It is roughly 50:50 2002 to 2003. The '02 lends good structure while the '03 adds wonderful richness. The '02 portion was in barrel for 18 months. The '03 remained in wood only half that time. As with the Hamacher label Chardonnay, the wine is comprised of the new, intensely flavored "Dijon clone" Chardonnay selections brought in from Burgundy and planted a decade ago. Each barrel was stirred by hand weekly for 11 months to incorporate the richness of the "lees" or yeast that settle to the bottom following the fermentation. The nose has an enticing mixture of tart pippin apples, nutmeg and beeswax. The mouth feel is luscious, broad and long. This is an amazing value. Get it while you can!
  H Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
Although not vintage dated, this H release is 100% from the stunning 2002 vintage. A blend from numerous vineyards, 18 months in barrel, the H Wines label is the 2nd label for Hamacher Wines and there are many family resemblances to be made. Broad, complex, layered…enjoyable, however H pinot is less than half the price though! Rich, cherry blossom, cedar and gamey. In a word, "complex". Bright fruit and spicy mouth with a broad full mouth feel. A nice wine for a special dinner or at this price every dinner!
  Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
The '01 Hamacher Pinot will no doubt appeal to Pinot purists. Earthier and darker than the 2000, blend of dark fruit, gamey and spice aromas scream Pinot! Texturally the satin-like feel of it coats your mouth, lingering while you contemplate the complexity of its flavors. The palate if more fruit and spice driven than the nose might lead you to expect. This is an example of texture growing in the bottle. The classic vintages need some time to flesh-out and wrap the complex flavor profile in the velvet which is great Pinot Noir…on a scale of one to ten this is…yummy!
  Pinot Noir, Durant Vineyard
his wine is a first for Eric Hamacher. For over 10 years, he extolled the merits of blending wines from different vineyards, believing that no one vineyard could offer the complexity and depth he required for the Hamacher brand. Over time, one wine routinely stood out as a consistent favorite in the cellar. In the stunning 2002 vintage it excelled and Eric decided to honor the wine with a solo bottling from only two barrels. While it's a big wine for this Dundee Hills vineyard, the elegance is well supported. High tones of cherry blossom, earth and spice mingle in the nose but still do not prepare you for the explosive mouth to come! Like a great work of literature, this wine is an evolving, layered classic to be enjoyed over time. It's elusive, succulent and silky, fully justifying why we appreciate great wine. The 2002 Durant Pinot Noir is delicious now but still a baby. Cellar a bottle or two for a future occasion.
  Rosé of Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
The 2001 Rosé of Pinot Noir was bottled in June of 2002 and was released at the end of July. This wine is what summer is all about! It holds a beautiful salmon color, and is richly textured from barrel fermentation and stirring the lees. It has great acidity and should be served COLD! Even though it is a byproduct of red wine production (made by draining juice from the fermenter in order to increase the red's intensity), it is by no means second-class enjoyment. We drink more Rosé than any other wine during the hotter months around the farm (and most of it will be this bottling), built for slaking the summer heat and bringing smiles back to parched lips. Also a great wine with the mixed foods of Thanksgiving.


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