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DeLiese Cellars

DeLiese Cellars It has been a huge blessing getting to experience wine with so many different people, and everyone at DeLiese Cellars is thrilled at the amazing support and enthusiasm that has greeted our wines. We believe our greatest strength is our desire to let people taste actual grape varietal notes. We want each person to know the flavors of the different varietals, avoiding the additives that major wine labels often put into wine that masks the natural flavors. It’s our mission to maintain a high standard of wine making by creating wine that is second to none. We want you to taste the earthiness of a Zinfandel and to experience the purity of a wine that is uninhibited by unnatural flavoring. We have received positive feedback for our wines so far, and this is largely in part because of our desire to allow the wines to speak for themselves without any tampering. We seek to improve our processes even more, expanding our varietals to allow people to try even more options of our amazing wine.


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1850 East Thousand Oaks Blvd #200, Thousand Oaks, CA, US, 91362 Email:
Phone: 805-500-2225 Web:
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