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Farnum Hill Ciders

Farnum Hill Ciders On Farnum Hill, overlooking the Connecticut River in New Hampshire, we grow true cider apples of English, French, and American origin. Peculiar-tasting when fresh cider apples produce gorgeous aromas, flavors and sensations after pressing, fermenting, and blending by the respectful cidermaker.

Location: near Exit 19 off Interstate 89 in New Hampshire, minutes from the junction of Interstates 91 and 89 in the Upper Connecticut River Valley. At Exit 19, turn west from the off-ramp. At the first light, turn left up Poverty Lane. (From I-91, take I-89 south across the river to reach Exit 19.)

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98 Poverty Lane, Lebanon, NH, US, 03766 Email:
Phone: 603-448-1511 Web:
Fax: 603-448-7326
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  Farnum Hill Extra-Dry
Pale gold, bubbly, dry as it will go. Richly aromatic, suggesting myriad fruits of the earth, and the earth itself, with a complex, palate-cleansing balance of fruit, astringency, and acid. Made, like Semi-Dry, from a range of late-harvest, difficult apple varieties. Alcohol content 7.5% by volume. 750 ml. bottle, mushroom cork with wire hood. Twist out the cork by hand, expecting a genial pop rather than explosive champagne-style pressure. We find in tastings that of people newly enjoying Farnum Hill blends, four out of five prefer Semi-Dry to Extra Dry (except in New York City where, for some reason, people divide about evenly or just go for both.)
  Farnum Hill Extra-Dry Still
Pale gold, clear, no bubbles. Radically dry but richly aromatic, fruity, earthy, with a palate-cleansing balance of fruit, astringency, and acid. Alcohol content 7.5% by volume. 750 ml. bottle, full cork closure (corkscrew needed).
  Farnum Hill Farmhouse
Our lightest, most casual cider, pale gold and bubbly, with a stroke of sweetness along with the tart, bitter, and fruity elements that good cider offers. Citrus, pineapple, bittersweet apple, and a trace of the barn. Nowhere near as rough as the extremely tannic farmhouse ciders produced in the west of England, but showing a certain tannic edge. A clean, light “quaffing” cider, and a good introduction to fine ciders. Alcohol content 6.5% by volume. 750 ml bottle with crown cap (bottle-opener needed).
  Farnum Hill Kingston Black '02 reserve
Golden, still, dry, redolent of muskmelon, orange peel, flowers, bittersweet apple, romance. Made from the temperamental Kingston Black apple, long treasured abroad as a single-variety cider fruit for its rare balance of tannin, sugar, and acid. Lovely on its own or as a flattering companion to food. Found at a few bold wine shops in New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire; poured at certain dazzling New York restaurants: Blue Hill, Craft, Gramercy Tavern. People engaging our Kingston Black come either to regard it as indispensably delicious or as too singular for true enjoyment -- the palate being a most personal part of our makeup. Kingston Black costs a lot, as cider goes, because we can't make much -- maybe 160 cases from the '02 harvest, up from 100 from the '01. So, trying Kingston Black is a gamble. Always happy to learn your reaction, should you like to write us.
  Farnum Hill Semi-Dry
Golden, gently bubbly, with a delicious array of tropic fruits, citrus, and mysterious aromatic notes in the nose and on the palate. Our "Semi-Dry" is much less sweet than semi-dry champagnes. We use that much-abused word "dry" in a literal-minded way, striving to balance the faintest sweetness against sharpness, astringency, and fruitiness. Alcohol content 7.4% by volume. 750 ml bottle, mushroom cork finish with wire hood. Twist out the cork by hand, expecting a genial pop rather than the explosive pressure of a champagne.
  Farnum Hill Semi-Dry Still
Golden, clear, no fizz. Richly fruity, subtly sweet, luxuriously aromatic, a well-made cider that offers an entertaining trip round the palate with no bubbles to distract attention from flavor. Alcohol content 7.4% by volume. 750 ml. bottle. full cork closure (corkscrew needed.)


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