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Carolinian Winery

Carolinian Winery Located just out side of London the winery was just purchased by Barry and Anissa Foley. The winery features grape and fruit wines.


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4823 Dundas Street, Thorndale, ON, CA, NOM 2P0 Email:
Phone: 519-268-2000 Web:
Fax: 519-268-3000
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  Black Currant Fruit Wine
GOLD MEDAL AWARD WINNER! Awaken your senses with this off-dry Black Currant wine. Combining its smooth, full flavour and tantalizing aroma, you will find this to be an ideal match for any cuisine.... especially turkey! Serve at room temperature or chilled.
  Blueberry fruit wine
This delicious, refreshing blueberry wine is a great alternative to grape wines. Off-dry with beautiful berry characters, ideal to serve with any cuisine, even spicy foods. Bursting with flavour of local fresh berries from which it was made. Serve room temperature or chilled.
  Cassis Dessert Wine
A satisfying intense black currant flavour. Enjoy served chilled in a glass on it's own or over ice cream.
  Cranberry Fruit Wine
This wine was especially made to be a dinner wine. It is rich, full-flavoured, much like cranberry sauce in a glass. A natural with turkey and ham, this wine also enhances 'sweet and sour' dishes.
  Elderberry Wine
A Classic, aromatic off-dry (also available in dry) red wine. Famous in England where the fruit has been called the "British Grape". Made from fresh Oxford County elderberries. Can be served at room temperature on its own or with nice old cheddar cheese, crusty breadsticks or barbecued food.
  Framboise Dessert Wine
A delicious full bodied wine with the essence of ripe raspberries and incredible flavour. Wonderful on its own, with ice, or over ice cream.
A clean, flowery, fruity wine, pleasantly balanced with a smooth essence of honey that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Serve chilled to complement Hor Doeuvres, on its own, or with any light fare.
  Messin' Around
A complementary blend of berry wines with a balanced outcome, greater than the sum of its parts. The result of years of "messin around" in the winery, the collage is pleasing to the palate accomplishing a satisfying finish. a worthy accompaniment to a superb platter of fruit & cheese or any light fare.
  Pinot Gris
Known for its inherently opulent texture, a delicate aroma and flavour profile and good acidity, few are more "unctuous" than a good Pinot Gris. Served best with salmon dishes, this wine nicely enhances other meaty types of fish and is also recommended for crab and shrimp through to fresh, raw oysters.
  Plum Wine
A delightful blush wine with subtle plum flavour & sweet plum aroma. Made from fresh ripened local fruit. Serve chilled with fresh fruit salad, slightly smoked fish, cheese, game, poultry, pork or oriental foods.
  Raspberry Avalanche
A raspberry wine that will tempt the taste buds with its delectable fruity flavour. Delicious served chilled as an aperitif, or to complement Hors Doeurves.
An expressive white wine with ripe and complex aromas. Rich and soft with a finely balanced finish. Serve chilled with smoked food, spicy food, white meat or fish.


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