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Miramonte Winery

Miramonte Winery Welcome to Miramonte Winery. Our greatest hope is that you find in our wines and winery everything that we ourselves have worked so diligently to discover in them: wonderfully inviting, uniquely rich and lasting experiences. Toward that end, we think you'll find that each of our wines is an artful discovery of elegance and pleasure. Each is designed to warm the spirit, relax the soul, and offer amazingly lucid expressions of a special time, a beautiful place, a fabulous grape, a wonderful style.For all of that, please remember, our wines are meant to be enjoyed. Preferably in the company of family and friends, at the table, and with wonderful foods. Let there be no mistake about that. It is pure hedonism that we strive for. Happy, healthy, well-rounded hedonism. Thus, as happy hedonists, stewards of the land, and makers of fine wine, it is with great, although perhaps presumptuous, pride that we claim the title, Stewards of the Grape. Ours is a noble profession, offering a unique responsibility which we do not take lightly. From the careful nurturing of the vineyard, to the gentle handling of the grapes, to the heart felt crafting of the wines and the warm hearted gatherings of family and friends in the Great Miramonte Wine Club, our goal is simply to prop open the gateway to pleasure.


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33410 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA, US, 92591 Email:
Phone: 951-506-5500 Web:
Fax: 951-506-5551
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  Chardonnay - Grand Reserve
Beautifully structured and artfully balanced, our 2001 Chardonnay is a tour de force in bright, lively complexity. Vivid, well-focused flavors of tropical fruit, crispy green apple and fresh pear, balanced nicely with soft hints of honey and an undercurrent of toasty oak. 100% barrel aging in all French oak gives this wine its wonderful velvety texture.
  Cinsault - Grand Reserve
We believe strongly that Rhone grape varieties will continue to do especially well in the Temecula Valley. Thus we are committed to unique “Rhone Style” discoveries, and this wonderful wine is our exploration of the Rhone grape, cinsault. Blended with Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and a touch of Old Vine Zinfandel, you’ll find it to be perfect for enjoyment with lighter foods and California Cuisine. Incidentally, we decided to include Zinfandel in the blend to add an additional element of complexity, as well as additional body and color. We felt this effectively Americanized the blend, as well. This wine has seen two years of carefully selected French oak.
  Cinsault Rosé - Grand Reserve
A rosé for lovers of serious red and white wines alike. Light in body, deep in color, and filled with a host of complex floral notes and lush fruit flavors, this is a wine perfect for spring and summer enjoyment. Specifically, you'll find plentiful fresh citrus, delicate strawberry and raspberry notes, wonderfully rich hints of watermelon, and bountiful tropical fruit characters. Beautifully structured, it develops fully in the mouth, and finishes with the clean, crisp finish one looks for in a great summer wine. It was made specifically for everyday enjoyment and for pairing with stylish yet casual, "California" cuisine.
  Miramonte Grand Reserve Blanc de Noirs
Artfully crafted with 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay, this wonderful sparkler is made in an utterly elegant style. Delicate strawberry and melon aromas lead to lively white peach, citrus and green apple flavors. Medium-bodied, with a fine mousse and creamy texture, it finishes long, crisp, and completely balanced.
  Miramonte Winery Grand Reserve Brut
Pure hand craftsmanship is the secret of this dazzling sparkler. Made of 75% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Noir, it is bright, lively, and full of finesse and elegance. Fresh citrus, delicate strawberry and raspberry aromas lead to shimmering spicy flavors and a long, lean toasty finish. It is well-structured overall, with a very fine mousse and crispy acidity. A wonderful selection for any celebration!
  Old Vine Zinfandel
As you probably know, Zinfandel is a distinctly American creation. So every year we choose to create a Zin that speaks directly to its American heritage. The fruit comes from several small lot, hundred year old vineyards in the Cucamonga Valley, and the wine is aged almost exclusively in the best American Oak to more fully accentuate the Zinfandel grape’s inherent spiciness. The result? A hearty, yet sophisticated wine of plentiful black cherry and berry flavors, complex spice notes, and the continual hints of fresh leather and earthy tobacco. This is Zin the way Zin was meant to be: All-American and proud.
  Opulente - Red Meritage
We like to think our 2001 Meritage is a beautiful expression of elegance and finesse. Seductive, earthy aromas of cedar, cassis, and blackberry create a wonderful bouquet that develops gracefully into focused flavors of wild berries, black cherry, and plums. Silky tannins provide excellent overall structure, while delicate nuances of lavender, anise and hints of mocha appear from mid-palate to finish, lending this wine its signature depth, balance, and complexity. Aged two years in the the very best French oak, this is a wine that pairs beautifully with the finest red meats.
  Red Rhapsody - Rhone Blend
If there is any wine in Temecula that offers a broadly balanced expression of our valley, this must be it: A Rhone blend of exceptional quality, artfully crafted from premium grapes which have been farmed in specific locations throughout the entire valley. You should expect plentiful black berry, raspberry and fresh cherry aromas and flavors, continual hints of wild spice, lavender and cinnamon appearing from the nose thru the finish, and a delicately crafted balance to carry the wine thru to it’s silky completion. Made specifically to be complex, detailed and harmonious, and utterly enjoyable. This wine is built around Grenache-Syrah frame with details provided by Mourvedre, Cinsault, and Old Vine Zinfandel, as well. It was aged two full years in carefully selected French oak from various forests throughout France.
  Riesling - Grand Reserve
Temporarily Sold Out - New Release available Autumn. Our 2001 Riesling is made in a purely classic style. Medium-bodied, wonderfully aromatic and bursting with vivid fruit flavors, this wine shows great exuberance and vitality. Perfect for everyday enjoyment, yet sophisticated enough for the most discriminating of palates.
  Sauvignon Blanc - Temecula Valley
A multiple gold medal winner, our popular Sauvignon Blanc is an exploration of the Musqué clone, a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc/Muscat hybrid. This wine features a fresh, airy nose of complex floral and cut grass aromas, which develop into a host of rich melon characters and and a ménage of citrus flavors from mid-palate to finish. Fresh lime, orange, and red grapefruit show prominently. Nuanced tropical fruit notes like kiwi and a young mango show, as well. The entire flavor profile is bolstered on the solid, lean acidity one expects from a well-structured Sauv Blanc.
  Semillon - California
We've crafted our 2004 Semillon to be a lush and gratuitous, but totally easy drinking wine. With a touch of both Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat worked into the finished blend, it shows plentiful influences of honeydew and cantaloupe, an undercurrent of spicy citrus, and delicate hints of fresh green herbs. Who doesn't need a soft, luscious and mouth enveloping wine once in a while? We suggest pairing this expressive young wine with light to mid-weight spring foods.
  Syrah - Grand Reserve
Opens with a lush aromatic profile featuring plentiful dark berry characters, hints of violet, lavender, cinnamon, and a subtle undercurrent of clove. Those same aromas develop into a plush arrangement of dark berry and black cherry flavors, featuring a soft smoky character in the background. Excellent acid and tannin structure and a velvety mouth feel lend added sophistication, and offer this wine the opportunity to develop its voluptuous finish. Aged for 24 months in specific percentages of hand selected French and Russian oak.
  White Rhapsody
A host of lush floral notes on the nose, with rich, inviting fruit on the palate, and a well-crafted overall balance that ends with a clean, lingering finish. Made specifically in a very easy drinking, approachable style. Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Muscat, and Viognier make up the blend. Chill it. Drink it. Repeat as required. Not submitted to competition.


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