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Chateau Chantal Winery

Chateau Chantal Winery With stunning views of East and West Grand Traverse Bays, this development blends a winery, vineyard, bed and breakfast, residence and six private homesites into a retreat to the Old World. The acreage is planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Riesling and GewÛrztraminer, along with a Pinot Meunier for a champagne blend.

From the Detroit area: Take I-75 North. Turn left on M-72, follow to US 31/M-72. Turn left on US 31 toward Traverse City for 6 miles. Turn right onto M-37/Garfield Ave. Follow M-37 for 12 miles. We are on the right hand side of M-37, 1 mile past Mapleton. From Grand Rapids: Take US 131-North toward Cadillac. After the highway ends past Cadillac, turn left onto MI-113 toward Traverse City. Turn right onto Garfield Rd/Brownson Ave/CR-611 in the villiage of Kingsley. Garfield Rd/Brownson Ave/CR-611 becomes Garfield Ave. in Traverse City. Follow Garfield through Traverse City, S. Garfield becomes M-37. Take M-37 12 miles out on Old Mission Peninsula. We are on the right hand side, 1 mile past Mapleton.

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15900 Rue de Vin, Traverse City, MI, US, 49684 Email:
Phone: 800-969-4009 Web:
Fax: 231-223-4130
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Old Mission Champagne, made from Chardonnay and a splash a Pinot Noir. Don't wait for a special occasion, make one!
Whole tart cherries distilled and blended with cherry wine. Serve after dinner as or with dessert, at room temperature.
(pronounce: Shar-dough-nay) This wine has a hint of yeast and clove in the bouquet, strong fruit flavors, just a hint of oak, and good body. Enjoy this well balanced wine with pastas or any white meat dish.
  Cherry Wine
An Old Mission tradition, cherry wine from the Cherry Capital of the world!
  Ice Wine
Made from grapes frozen on the vine, and then pressed while still frozen. Incredible sweetness and fruitiness, with all the delicateness of a fine Riesling wine. 375ml bottles (half bottles) in a custom wooden box.
  Jazz at Sunset - Evening
A blend of Northern Michigan white wine with a balanced sweetness.
  Jazz at Sunset - Tonight
A dry Chardonnay "Blanc de Blanc" (white wine made from white grapes) bubbly that is delightfully easy drinking to make tonight or any night special.
  Jazz at Sunset - Twilight
A white wine blend with just a touch of sweetness.
  Methode Champenoise
Methode Champenoise, this Brut Sparkling Wine is fermented in the bottle. After aging on the yeast, it is "riddled" and "disgorged" by the winemaker in small batches. A beautiful wine to make any day special.
  Naughty Red
Naughty Red Great color! Great taste! A dry, red wine with no harsh or bitter tastes. Even versatile enough to go well with fish! That is naughty! Throw the 'rules' out the window!
  Nice Red
Nice Red is a fruity, semi-sweet blend. Enjoy slightly chilled with food off the grill (especially BBQ!), pasta, pizza, or all by itself. For those who like a touch of sweetness.
  P.o.E.R.Sailor's Blush
A semi-dry blend of classical European vinifera. Enjoy with light cheeses and fruits, or for sipping while docked!
  Pinot Grigio
A light, fruity, dry wine which spent its time in the cellar in stainless steel with little use of oak. Enjoy this delicate, crisp wine as an aperitif or with most lighter cuisine, especially smoked meats.
  Pinot Noir
(pronounce: P-no no R) Displays the cherry and plum flavors characteristic of Pinot Noir grapes. Small oak barrel aging provides smokiness and vanilla flavors to compliment the fruit.
  Proprietor's Reserve Chardonnay
(pronounce: Shar-dough-nay) Barrel fermented in new French oak barrels with extremely ripe fruit gives this wine an incredibly rich flavors with hints of smoke and vanilla.
  Proprietor's Reserve Dry Riesling
These grapes were selected for their concentrated flavors and fermented with special yeast cultures. An optimum balance between fruit, body, and acidity leaves this wine clean and crisp with hints of green apple and citrus.
  Proprietor's Reserve Pinot Gris
Stainless steel fermentation followed by 10 months of aging in French oak yields an optimal balance of body and acidity with bold fruit aromas accompanied by soft oak layers.
  Proprietor's Reserve Pinot Noir
Introducing Proprietor's Reserve Pinot Noir - A warm, layered wine with a full mouth-feel, graced with flavors of cherry and plum. Complex, with firm acid, it will compliment almost any cut of meat and many dishes. Serve at room temperature.
  Riesling Late Harvest
Consider purchasing Jazz at Sunset - Evening, which is a similar wine.
  Select Harvest Gewürztraminer
(pronounce ga-vertz-tra-meaner) A rich, velvety dessert wine. A pleasant balance of spice (gewürz in German) and sweetness make this a wonderful dessert wine! Sold in 1/2 bottles
  Semi-Dry Gewurztraminer
"Gewurz" is German for spice. You will notice smells of orange and roses. The wine has enough sweetness at 1.5% residual sugar to make it go great with Chinese, marinated chicken or all by itself.
  Semi-Dry Riesling
(pronounce: Reez-ling) The aroma of apricots are in this wine. A strong acid structure and hint of sweetness combine to make this wine wonderful to enjoy especially with smoked meats or pasta!
  Sparkling Cherry Wine
An explosion of tiny cherry bubbles in your mouth!
  TRIO, a Merlot/Cabernet blend
A blend of the classic Bordeaux varieties Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, makes this wine rich, intensely colored and dry. You'll find strong fruit flavor and subtle hints of chocolate and vanilla


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