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Rouge River Brewing Company

Rouge River Brewing Company


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50 Bullock Drive, Markham, ON, CA, L3P 3P2 Email:
Phone: 905-209-1236 Web:
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  August Gold
A dark golden semi dry wine. Once every tenth year or so, requires special growing conditions.
  Blackberry Merlot
A semi-sweet combination of Merlot and blackberry wines. Our latest addition to our wine list. A treat in its self and goes with chesses and desserts.
Mellow dry red wine. Pairs well with barbeque ribs, hamburger and barbeque chicken
Golden dry wine. Goes well with salads, fish and foul
Dry, Red wine. Recommended with Steak or Spaghetti
Dry, fruity red wine. Recommended to serve with tomato pasta dishes, red meat and sharp cheese.
  Mountain Betty
A semi-sweet, fruity, blackberry wine. Good with Chinese food, mild chesses and desserts.
  Mountain Mama
A semi-sweet, fruity, apple wine.
  Mountain Terry
A semi-sweet, fruity, cherry wine. Serve as a wine cooler or with mild cheese.
  Ridge Runner Gold
A semi-dry white wine. Recommended with garlic, cheese, pasta and fish dishes.
  Ridge Runner Red
A semi-dry red wine. Recommended with tomato pasta and red meat dishes.
Light redish wine. For those that can't make up their mind between white or red
  Ruth E's Red
Very dry red wine. A selection for mature wine lovers
  Sacramental Rose
A light red wine. Special hand processing in acceptance with spiritual wine practices
  Starlight White
An off dry white wine. Recommended accompaniment with fish or chicken dishes.
Golden off dry wine. Can stand up with well even with red meat


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