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Elephant Island Orchard Winery

Elephant Island Orchard Winery Located in Naramata on Okanagan Lake's east shore among the fruit farms. Crafting fine fruit wines has been a tradition in the Wisnicki family for more than four generations. Coupling this rich history with the international training and experience of consulting oeanologist, Christine Leroux, Proprietors, Miranda and Del Halliday named their winery after Elephant Island paying tribute to Miranda's Grand Parents (Wisnicki) who built their retirement home on the Island.


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2730 Aikens Loop, Naramata, BC, CA, V0H 1N0 Email:
Phone: 250-496-5522 Web:
Fax: 250-496-5521
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A crisp dry white wine crafted from a blend of award-winning Okanagan Apple varieties.
  Apricot Dessert Wine
Exquisitely balanced, the flavor of fresh Apricots blankets the taste buds from start to never-ending finish. Save this one for a cold winter’s night – opening it is like opening a bottle of summer! Warm tones of tropical fruits and vanilla … Excellent with anything that tastes great and is considered ‘bad’ for you.
  Black Currant Wine
Likely a flavor profile like you’ve never tried before. Dominated by citric acidity the Black Currant wine is loaded with flavor (and nutrition – if you are looking for an excuse to drink!!). Aromas of bell pepper, berry, pomegranate and thyme on the nose and a brilliant clean finish. Watch this one on a hot afternoon … it can sneak up on you.
The French tradition is elegantly recreated in the 2005 Cassis. Lower yields in the 2005 harvest resulted in unbelievable berry flavors. Nuances of cloves and licorice intermingle with intense currant flavors to produce a superbly rich fortified wine. Enjoy as a delicious alternative to traditional port wines or Sherries.
2005 represents another spectacular vintage of Elephant Island Cherry Wine - benefiting from unprecedented acid and sugar concentrations. An exceptionally supple dry red wine great with almost every dish imaginable – very food friendly!
  Crab Apple
“One of the Okanagan’s great tastes in a bottle” – an award-winning favorite of many critics. Beginning with velvet sweet apple flavor transitioning to a refreshing crisp Crab Apple tartness. A mouthwatering alternative to traditional dessert wine.
  Family Reserve Cherry
A unique short run edition to Elephant Island’s Cherry Wine, this bottle represents one of the few bottles that have made it’s way out of the hands of family, staff and close friends. Barrel aged in french oak for 1 year, this wine has the same wonderful synergy of the Cherry Wine marrying fruit at the front of the palate with port-like undertones - the added toasty almond finish, a benefit of the barrel aging.
Liquid raspberry heaven - that’s all we need to say. Fresh, tart, and rich all at the same time.
  Fuji Ice
Crafted from Fuji apples handpicked during the coldest of winter weather, when temperatures drop below –8’ C. Like ice wine grapes the frozen Fuji’s yield exquisitely sweet nectar. Beautifully balanced this vintage presents peach, pear and green apple tones, rounded out by a rich caramel undertone.
  Pear Wine
Crafted from 100% Naramata-grown certified organic pears … the quintessential Pear Wine experience and perfect summer sipper. The delicate spirit of the Bartlett Pear is communicated cleanly in both bouquet and flavor profile, fermented to dry a completely refreshing dry dinner wine.
  Stellaport (NV –)
Stellaport is a lively port-style wine made exclusively from the rich Stella cherry grown on the winery site. Cherries are harvested only from a specific area of the orchard that received concentrated southwest exposure. In crafting Stellaport we employ the grape tawny technique of a ‘solera’ system in which a “mother barrel” was established in 2001. Each year we release half of the barrel replacing it with that year’s vintage. The current release of Stellaport represents the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 vintages. Four years in French Oak has resulted in a rich-port style wine, loaded with chocolate and cherry notes from start to never-ending finish.
  The Little King
For those not familiar with The Little King, it is an intensely special project for Miranda and Del. The methode traditional sparkling wine was crafted in honor of the life and spirit of their first son Rex, who died shortly after birth in 2002. A Granny Smith Apple base wine with raspberry dosage the wine presents in a gorgeous pink bubbly, with soft notes of raspberry on the nose grounded by crisp apple bubbles.


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