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Agajanian Vineyards

Agajanian Vineyards


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4582 W. Jacquelyn Avenue, Fresno, CA, US, 93722 Email:
Phone: 559-271-2426 Web:
Fax: 559-271-2094
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This refreshing off-dry white wine is a great appertif (before meals with appetizers) or as a compliment to spicy-hot meals like Thai or Fusion cuisine. A blend of 50% Muscat Canneli and 50% Malvasia Bianca, this off-dry wine is the real deal. Winemaker's Notes: "A nose of grapes with enough fresh grape flavors and sweetness to balance the structure building acid and alcohol. This is Heaven on Earth. Forget beer, bring me ANI!"
  Cabernet Sauvignon
The grapes used to make this robust red wine are from Napa Valley, California. Winemaker's Notes: “Beautiful flavors of raspberries, cherries, plum-raisin, nutmeg, and leather. The aroma hints of black currants and vanilla. A delicious, sophisticated, full-bodied Cab to be savored with a special meal.”
The grapes used in the production of our 2003 Chardonnay Sonoma were grown in the Green Valley appellation of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma, CA. Winemaker's Notes: “This robust white wine is rich with apple, citrus and tropical fruit flavors. The “nose” or aroma shows hints of vanilla, tangerine, and passion fruit. A well balanced, sophisticated, Sonoma County Chardonnay.”
  Malvasia Bianca
Known as the “King of the Muscats,” the Malvasia Bianca grapes used to produce this delicious white varietal were grown at the Pope Creek Ranch in Madera, California. Winemaker ’s Notes: “A light, crisp, aromatic white, made in an off-dry style, offering an easy, lingering finish, fresh grape flavors, and a lively peach hinted floral bouquet. Best served as an aperifif - chilled, with appetizers, salads, cheeses, or seafood.”
Rich, dark, and silky smooth. The delightful cherry note of the Napa Valley appellation runs deep in this delicious, full-bodied red. Winemaker's Notes: "New French Oak brings out the elegant flavors of vanilla-creme, cherries, leather and earth and creates a lingering, soft finish. Deeply aromatic with soft, balanced, tannins and forward, ripe fruit."


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