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Chateau Elan Winery

Chateau Elan Winery At Château Élan winemaking is art and science, tradition and modern technology. Our winemakers have come from generations of French, German and American wine families, blending the best of the old ways with the best of the new. The grapes are picked by hand to ensure only the finest fruit is chosen. White grapes are pressed as a whole cluster. The juice is then fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Red grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. The skins, pulp and juice are then fermented in stainless steel tanks. Pressing of the red wine occurs after fermentation. Wines are aged in a variety of French and American oak barrels. Château Élan is the largest producer of premium wines in Georgia, and recognized by Wine Spectator for exceptional vintages.

We are located 40 minutes north of Atlanta, off I-85 at Exit 126. When coming from the South, turn left off of the exit onto Hwy. 211 and cross over the interstate. From the North, turn right onto Hwy. 211.

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100 Tour de France, Braselton, GA, US, 30517 Email:
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  American Chardonnay
Full-bodied Chardonnay with a crisp, fruity and robust buttery character. The elegant dry Chardonnay is a true varietal representation of the king of white grapes and has been fermented and aged in French oak barrels. The combined flavors of fruit and butter enhance any fish, chicken or veal dish, as well as rich sauces and select cheeses.
  American Merlot
Complex red wine that has few astringent tannins and a smooth oak-rich bouquet. The Merlot grape produces a wine that is rich and seductive with complexity and finesse. This Merlot has been aged in oak barrels to enhance its bouquet, and is excellent with cheeses, hearty dishes and red meats.
  American Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is an extraordinary grape used to make the great red wines of Burgundy as well as the finest Champagnes. The vines are difficult to grow and slow to evolve, but the rewards in the glass are truly worth the wait. Château Élan’s Pinot Noir is rich in concentrated ripe fruit. It is a softer-styled wine with little tannins and only mild oak, which gives an elegant finish. This Pinot Noir drinks very nicely now, but may also be cellared for an exceptionally smooth taste. A first time bottling for Château Élan.
  American Port
A fortified wine originally only from the river region of Northern Portugal. The fermentation is halted early in the process by the addition of grape brandy, leaving the natural sweetness from the grape. Tasting of cherries, coffee and light oak, Château Élan’s exquisitely balanced port is a blend of port wines dating back over two decades. It is a wonderful complement to nuts, cheeses, dried fruit and chocolate, and is best served at room temperature. This is Château Élan’s first bottling of Port.
  American Sangiovese
This robust Italian grape is grown throughout the Tuscany region to make its famous Chianti. The wine is aged in both American and French oak barrels. The special bottling is a commemoration to Gene Panoz, father of Château Élan founder Donald Panoz. The label depicts the elder Panoz in 1934 as a young Golden Gloves champion.
  American Sherry
A blend of wines that has been aging in oak barrels for more than six years, leaving nuances of hazelnut and walnut. This fortified wine is reminiscent of the sherries of Spain and is similar in sweetness to a cream sherry. This sherry is the perfect complement to nuts, cheeses and dried fruit. Best served at room temperature or slightly chilled.
  American White Zinfandel
The Zinfandel grape, deep purple in color, is harvested, crushed and pressed in a delicate manner, so as not to extract too dark of a pigment. The dawn-tinted juice is fermented at low temperatures to preserve the grapes' array of flowery aromas. Left to finish with just a touch of sweetness, this sweet wine of a light blush color is best served chilled with everyday American cuisine.
  Autumn Blush
This distinctive taste of muscadines combined with the delicate flavors of fresh raspberries is captured in this semisweet, light-bodied wine. Its refreshing taste complements cheeses, fruits and desserts. Best served chilled.
  Duncan Creek
Native only in the Southeast, the muscadine grape is characterized by heady rose and lemon aromas and was traditionally made into a sweet, low-alcohol wine. Château Élan has developed methods to harness and control these components, with the result being a light, fruity and uniquely Southern white wine. Best served chilled as an afternoon wine or with smoked or hearty dishes.
  Essence de Cabernet
Cabernet Sauvignon, the most famous red variety of the Bordeaux region, has for centuries produced wines deep in color and rich in spicy aromas. Château Élan’s Essence de Cabernet is truly a unique wine. To increase the rich bounty of flavors, a portion of the grapes is dried to an almost raisin quality before fermentation, which concentrates the intense Cabernet flavors. Aged more than 10 months in French and American oak barrels, this robust, full-bodied wine is enjoyable now or may be cellared for up to ten years.
  Georgia Chambourcin Nouveau
Château Élan’s Nouveau is a tribute to the harvest season, and is typically released in early November of each year with great fanfare. Nouveaux have pronounced fresh aromas such as roses, blackberry and cherry. The wine is made by the traditional "carbonic Maceration" method, hand-picked grapes are not crushed or pressed, but allowed to ferment as whole clusters. This type of fermentation produces pleasantly aromatic yet light-style wines. Enjoy this light-body red wine slightly chilled with poultry or pasta. Unlike traditional red wine, Noveau is best consumed young and is not intended for aging.
  Johannisberg Riesling
Fruity, semi-sweet and uniquely Georgian version of one of the most versatile grapes in the world. The classic grape of Germany is extremely versatile and leads to many different styles of wine, from tart to exotically luscious. The wine has been fermented while it is cool to retain subtle floral and fruit flavors. This medium-dry wine is excellent with fish, poultry and dessert.
  Spring Blossom
A delightful wine combining the distinctive flavor of muscadines and the delicate fruity flavors of fresh strawberries. This is the consummate picnic wine and is great with desserts. Best served chilled.
  Summer Wine
This award winner is a semisweet, light-bodied wine with the distinctive taste of muscadines synergized with the delicate flavors of fresh peaches. Its lively taste complements fruit salads, desserts and picnic fare, and is perfect for sipping on hot summer days as well as cold winter nights. Its unique and exceptional taste makes it Château Élan’s best seller. This is the perfect dessert wine, and is best served chilled.
  Winter Spice
A delightful wine that combines the hearty flavors of premium red wine and the fresh flavors of cinnamon spice and honey. Makes a great mulled wine during the winter holidays. Best served chilled as an aperitif. This wine is excellent with both hearty and light meals.


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