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Glades Pike Winery

Glades Pike Winery Glades Pike Winery opened in 1994 and since then our wine has quickly won critical acclaim. Native American, French hybrid and other European grapes - all grown in Pennsylvania - are carefully chosen by our wine master and then blended to produce clear, crisp and exciting wines. Located in a pastoral setting on historic Glades Pike, six miles west of Somerset, we offer regular tours, wine tasting and a gift shop. Our friendly staff will carefully explain the wine making process and cheerfully answer questions. Hours: 12 noon until 6 pm.

Five miles west of Somerset, on Glades Pike (Rt. 31). Take turnpike exits 9 or 10.

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2208 Glades Pike, Somerset, PA, US, 15501 Email:
Phone: 814-445-3753 Web:
Fax: 814-445-1856
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  Baco Noir
Deep black cherry aromas are followed by raspberry, red currant, and a delicate peppery spice. The finishing mouth feel is long lasting.
  Bicentennial Blush
Bursting with fresh grapiness, this blend of four grapes is our most popular wine.
  Black & Blue Blend
A bold, brassy, boisterous blend of blackberry and blueberry bliss.
  Cabernet Franc
A complex wine that opens with a beautiful bouquet. Vanilla oak merges with toasted almonds, dark berries, and spicy tannins. Excellent aging potential.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich, smooth and smoky, this Cabernet offers hints of blackberry, mocha chocolate, tobacco, and soft tannins with a clean balanced finish.
Light, fruity white, aromatic with a citrus flavor and good balance.
A clean, crisp, fresh and fruity white with hints of toasted oak that open into ripe apple, tropical fruit and honey. "Sunshine in a glass."
Full bodied red with fruity, grape aroma.
A medium-bodied, earthy, yet fruity, red. The perfect companion for pasta and red meats.
A delightfully sweet native grape, splashing with tropical fruitiness and an aromatic bouquet.
  Glades Pike Red
An exceptional blend with the Baco Noir grape and a pleasant addition of Concord, creating an intense full-bodied mixture.
  Montmorency Cherry
Full of flavor, great with chocolate.
  Mountain Mead
Honey wine is the oldest fermented beverage with a long and interesting history. Celebrated in many ancient cultural ceremonies, it is aptly named "The Nectar of the Gods."
A very grapey, flowery, fresh and smooth wine.
This intensely rich wine has a firm, jammy fruit structure, flowing from ripe cherries and deep plums into a long silky chocolate finish. A true American grape, Norton is unlike any other.
Deliciously ripe, fragrant, with pure fruity rich intensity. Limited.
Lovely soft peach gives way to mild apricot, pear, and melon delight. Finished slightly off-dry, this wine will pair well with your favorite soft cheeses, ham, and spicy foods.
There is a refreshing tropical burst that awakens your palate with the first sip. Then, as it progresses into more subtle grapefruit and ripe berries, it leaves your mouth clear and crisp. It pairs well with all grilled summer foods.
  Seyval Blanc
Good balance, nice body white wine with touch of oak and citrus.
  Special Blend
Medley of our best whites blended into an intriguing taste sensation.
  Spiced Apple
Great aroma, spicy and sweet, delicious served warm, nice holiday wine, excellent for braising pork or poultry.
  Vidal Blanc
A fruity and crisp white with a mild citrus flavor and hints of tropical fruit.


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