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Cathedral Ridge Winery

Cathedral Ridge Winery Formerly Flerchinger Vineyards, Cathedral Ridge Winery is located in the Columbia River Gorge at Hood River, Oregon. Cathedral Ridge Winery offers outstanding award winning premium wines. Visit our charming winery and tasting room. Enjoy free wine tasting. View the mountains and the scenic gorge. Our beautiful grounds and facilities have become a popular site for tour group visits. Our friendly staff and wonderful wines combine to make every visit to our winery a memorable one.

Take I-84 to Exit 62 (West Hood River exit), turn right on Country Club Road, and left on Post Canyon Drive. The winery is on your left.

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4200 Post Canyon Road, Hood River, OR, US, 97031 Email:
Phone: 800-516-8710 Web:
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  Bangsund Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Our oldest and most complex Cabernet in the Cathedral Ridge library, the 2001 Res Cab was vinified from the same vineyards as our current Cabernet blends - its tannins have softened, it has a substantial and earthy richness, and sets the tone for our Reserve Cabernet blends to come. Our Reserve Cabernet program mandates that the wines age for at least 18 - 24 months in oak barrels, and thus the wines have nuances of toasted oak, vanilla and a light smoky finish. We are able to appropriately ripen our Cabernet grapes from our Bangsund and Graves vineyards such that the grapes attain fruit qualities that will sustain through the tannin softening process; now over three years old, the 2001 Res Cab tannins are beginning to subdue, and subtle fruit qualities of black cherry, plums and cranberry are making their appearance. Expect our Reserve Cabernet vintages in the future to carry on these flavors, and continue to have more enhanced oak complexities and softer, richer mouthfeel - as always, our Reserve Cabernet is wonderful when decanted, and served alone with strong cheeses, or over a hearty steak dinner.
  Blush Table Wine
Of the three “sweeter” wines we produce, our Blush carries a mid-balance of color, tannin and sweetness. By adding a small amount of red wine to the blend (which creates its blush color), our Blush wine also enhances our sweet wine program, similar to that of our Riesling. Adding the red wine creates a blend that has a sweet, lush mouthfeel and retains the notion of being very light-bodied. The base of our Blush blend consists of an extremely soft and fragrant sweet wine, that displays a higher viscosity, or silkier, mouthfeel. In order to broaden its flavor profile, we blend a small amount (in the range of 2% to 4%) of red wine to add variability, longevity and stability to the wine. The natural occurring tannins in the red wine we use gives our Blush wine a flavor structure that makes it more food friendly, and softens an overbearing sweetness. The result is a fun and floral wine with bright tropical flavors of pineapple, watermelon and strawberry. Compared to our Halbtrocken, our Blush wine carries a slightly sweeter and more viscous mouthfeel, which lends wonderfully to BBQ’s, spicy foods (especially Thai cuisine) and afternoons on the porch.
  Bordheauxd Red
Aged for 12 months in oak barrels and patiently blended. It features rich flavors of coffee, chocolate and jammed berries, reminiscent of our local farms, all mingled together.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A touch bolder in body and flavor than our previous vintage, the 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon was aged almost a full 2 years in oak barrels. We blended 12.5% Syrah with the Cabernet to add dark cherry and blackberry nuances and the resulting wine has notes of coffee and chocolate because of this blend. This vintage will age for more than 5 years to come, and has ample tannin to soften so that the wine will display more jam and currant flavors as it ages. A wine of such supple and aged characters such as our 2003 Cabernet should be decanted for at least 15 minutes before serving.
50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot A full-bodied red wine that is wonderfully smooth when served young. Vibrant cherry and blackberry flavors, and finishes with a traditional oak and tannin mouthfeel.
Barrel fermented and aged in 3 - 4 year old French barrels, this completely balanced wine carries highlights of both of our Chardonnay vineyards, Graves and McDuffie. Subtle caramel and vanilla flavors and a crisp fruitiness reflective of our area.
  Dry Riesling
Fermented dry with aromas and flavors eminiscent of apricot and rose.
Subtle honey, pumpkin, and spice makes this a perfect match for Asian dishes or summer BBQ’s.
Of the three “sweeter” wines we produce, our Halbtrocken (meaning “half-dry”) is a rare offering of what one can consider a “sweet red wine.” Our Halbtrocken is a blend of our sweet wine program (which includes Riesling and Chardonnay) with the softer and lighter blends of our Cabernet Sauvignon. The Halbtrocken blend is an opportunity to share the flavors of our bolder and heavier red wines by softening their texture, toning down their tannins, and adding light fruit nuances to the blend. In order to showcase a red wine of this nature, we search our cellar for our softest Cabernet Sauvignon blend that has a relatively low tannic structure. We then blend in components of our sweet program to add tropical and “fruity” nuances “in between” the tannins of the red wine. This means there are still many tannins present to add structure and food paring opportunities, but the sweetness softens and spreads their structure. Compared to our Blush, our Halbtrocken can duplicate the food pairings of a red wine, yet will not overpower lighter dishes, and is more easily approachable than a traditional bold red wine.
We blended Merlot grapes from Kortage & rufus Vineyards expressing more earth tones and aging potential. By aging the wines less than 12 months in the barrel we bottle the wine on it's youthful edge, allowing the wine to have a larger mouthful since the tannins stay with the wine and soften in the bottle.
  Pinot Gris
Our Pinot Gris offers lighter-bodied flavor and texture that makes it a versatile white wine - excellent for cooking or served with hors d'oeuvres, lighter pastas, fish and poultry dishes.
  Pinot Noir
Soft, elegant and smooth. Cherry and cranberry flavors swirl around in the soft tannins, hinting at black olives and cocoa. An excellent food wine!
  Pinot Noir Reserve
Very smooth and youthful. Black cherries, black olives and cocoa flavors surround this soft tannin wine.
75% Syrah, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon After 16 months in French oak, we blended our Syrah with Cabernet Sauvignon to allow the rich, ripe characters of the grapes to shine. A balanced mouthfeel, rich with flavors of black cherry, chocolate and blackberry make this a burly and strapping wine.
  Syrah Reserve
When it came time to blend our Syrah program, we came across an elite barrel of Syrah from the Bangsund Vineyards. Upon tasting the barrel, we found that it was the boldest, richest and most complex of all our 2002 Syrah. We immediately pulled it aside and finished our other blends, returning to work on this unique barrel and guide it into a Reserve status. The wine had achieved a better extraction from the grapes and a more complete harmony with the barrel – we opted to aerate the wine and let its flavors gain some more complexity with another 4 months of barrel aging. The result is a harmonious wine of 100% Syrah that has rich chocolate-raspberry flavors, and aged characters of earth and oak. Enjoy with grilled meats, or finish a wonderful meal with our Syrah Reserve and lush cheeses.
  Vineyard Designate Chardonnay - Graves Estate Vineyard
In building our new Chardonnay program, we discovered that our premier vineyards, Graves and McDuffie, each yield ripe Chardonnay grapes with distinct characteristics. At this discovery, we opted to keep the fermenting wine separate and age them side-by-side in neutral oak barrels. When blending the two wines, we found that each component had special attributes that could be further refined and aged for more complexity. As a result, we held back only one barrel of each wine and aged them for an additional 4 months – the richness and viscosity achieved surprised no one; we are pleased to release the individual vineyard designate wines having less than 20 cases of each available. The Graves big body and rich mouthfeel originates in the vineyard; it receives more heat through the summer adding butterscotch and caramel flavors to the wine. The McDuffie vineyards lay to south, and the grapes ripened with a complexity that opened with the additional barrel aging; it reveals true Chardonnay character, and now has a buttery soft mouthfeel as a finish. Both wines demonstrate the great potential of Chardonnay in our area.
Hints of vanilla and clove mingle with sweet huckleberries for a truly northwestern Zinfandel. Perfect for pairing, this complex wine is good with everything from grilled foods to Spanish tapas.


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