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La Face Cachée de la Pomme

La Face Cachée de la Pomme Since its first harvest in 1994, La Face Cachée de la Pomme (hidden side of the apple) has been redefining the whole apple ice wine experience. Now available in more then fifteen different countries, no one can resist but warm to the thought of a chilled NEIGE (snow) or FRIMAS (frost). Beyond its know-how and attachment to its roots, La Face Cachée embodies the here and now, a 100% contemporary and cosmopolitan art of living whose culture and hospitality is embedded in that corner of the New World's Terroir. The fruit of our very best, the expression of our thirst for taste and sophistication, NEIGE and FRIMAS bottle the stuff of dreams.

We are located 45 minutes from Montreal. Take highway 15 (South), exit 6. Follow directions for Hemmingford village.

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Address Web Social
617, route 202, Hemmingford, QC, CA, J0L 1H0 Email:
Phone: 450-247-2899 Web:
Fax: 450-247-2690
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  Frimas, Winter Harvest
This distinguished apple ice wine has been produced exclusively from apples left unpicked to freeze and then harvested in the very depths of our cold Québec winter. Every 375 ml bottle of Frimas has been produced from no less than 50 apples. Patiently, and with traditional methods, the apples that have been cured by the intense cold have been pressed to obtain a natural syrup that measures here 35 to 40 degrees on the Brix scale. This liquid was then left to ferment at a low temperature for almost six months. Frimas has a rich amber color and develops a complex bouquet of exotic fruit. Once sipped, hints of caramel and cooked apples pamper the palate. A product of our craftsmanship, Frimas provides you with a unique experience. Enjoy it with cheese or dessert. Although our apple ice wine is ready for immediate consumption, it ages well and you can savor it for several years. Serve cold.
This unique apple ice wine offers a complex aroma of candied fruit and achieves the perfect balance between the tart and the mellow. Aged over a year and born from an original process of natural cryo-concentration, it is characterized by a rich, warm amber colour, a bouquet of ripe apples with woody notes and a full taste of fruit, with touches of vanilla. Although Neige is ready for immediate consumption, it can be aged and savored for several years. On its own as an apéritif, Neige will warm the heart and caress the palate. It is also the perfect accompaniment to lightly sautéed foie gras, a fine piece of chèvre or warmed apple tart.


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