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Murielle Winery

Murielle Winery Welcome to Murielle Winery of Clearwater, Florida. Most people are curious about how we chose the name Murielle. It goes back many years. Actually, to when I was born. See... My mother's name is Muriel. It is not very often you get to thank your mom for all the wonderful things She has done for you over all the years since you've been alive. So, We named it after her! (Pretty Cool Huh?) We offer to our customers two options for labeling their wine. One way, is to buy our wine with the Murielle Winery Label. The second way is to have a special label of your choice. We have lots of label designs to choose from for your wine. If you prefer, we can design a custom event label for you.

Tampa:Take Route 60 west to Courtney Campbell Causeway to Bayside Bridge. Take Bayside Bridge South. Bayside Bridge becomes 49th Street. You will intersect with Ulmerton Road. (There is a Checkers on the right side corner.) Make right onto Ulmerton Road. Get in left lane. Go 4 tenths of a mile. Look for Clear Channel Outdoor on the right. There is a very large billboard on the right hand side. If you go through a light you went to far. Turn left onto 56th Court. (There is a smoke glass building at the corner of 56th Court.) Go 3 tenths of a mile. The road dog legs to the left. We are on the left side. #305

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13131 56th Court, Clearwater, FL, US, 33760 Email:
Phone: 727-561-0336 Web:
Fax: 727-561-0448
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  3 Berry Shiraz
Raspberry, Boysenberry and Blackberry a delicious blend of flavors waft above the base of Shiraz. Slightly sweet and loaded with fruit flavors. There is a long finish of berries. No oak, just fruit. This wine is similar to the Peach Apricot Chardonnay, yet is a red wine. Perfect alternative for White Zinfandel drinkers.
  BC Chardonnay '02
A wonderful blend of tropical flavors waft from this exceptional wine. As a winemaker I am often asked what I think is our best wine. Well, they are all good wines. But, I can take any wine home I choose. This is my choice. It has a great Oak nose with vanilla, coconut and a hint of chocolate. Imagine a Mai Tai wine. Very limited supply.
  Black Raspberry Merlot
Black raspberry folded gently with a light Merlot. Not a fancy wine, instead a nice well balanced offering for those who prefer their wine slightly sweeter. As we were bottling this wine 3 different clients came in and we offered them a taste from the bottler. We sold 3 cases that day. This wine is really a fun wine to have for the Holidays.
  Cabernet Sauvignon '01
A Classic Cabernet... A little Cabernet Franc to soften the "Noble" grape. Lots of ripe cherry with a medium toasted oak background. (Slightly more oak than our prior vintage.) This is styled more along the lines of Paso Robles area of California rather than Napa. The wine is approachable and drinkable now.
  Chardonnay '03
Our Chardonnay is filled with the sharp signature of the chardonnay grape: pear, pineapple, citrus, green apple. The wine has a wonderful aroma of flowers. The wine was fermented with french oak chips to create the hint of smoked wood in the nose.
  Ice Styled Wine '01
(Sweet Sunrise White) A very nice after dinner wine. Very supple and rich. A very rich overtone of sweet white raisins, plums and orange. You will love the wonderful aromas and flavors from this ice styled wine. Bottled in the classic Balisima (long tall clear bottle) 375ml. We have been sampling this wine at the winery recently. Almost everyone is buying a bottle. A total of 960 bottles available of this limited edition wine. Each is hand numbered. It is a bargain at $17.00. B
  Malbec '03
A wonderful red wine that sits with you like an old friend. Malbec won't make you work to hard to understand it, yet, it will entice you with wisps of fruit, chocolate and tiny bits of cherry. Much like a wonderful tray of goodies Grandma used to put out on Sundays when you were a child. Almost like a comfort wine. Drink softly and enjoy for a few moments.
  Merlot '01
The wine has lots of cherry fruit flavor and it is pleasant to drink already. But it is graceful with medium body and surprising backbone with a spicy finish. Made in the same style as the '01 Cabernet. I feel as though it exhibits what merlot drinkers like. Soft and round with no bitter bite. Medium color and nice oak. A wine you can give away or keep for yourself.
  Peach Apricot flavored Chardonnay
A round chardonnay blended with the fruit flavors of peach and apricot has brought us one of our most popular wines. The silkiness of the chardonnay (without any oak) is enhanced with a fuzzy peach flavor Lower in alcohol and lighter than most of our wines, this wine is also called our "Hot Tub wine". Perfect for the Florida climate.
  Pinot Grigio '02
Sold Out. A very nice Pinot Grigio. A very young and fruity wine. The wine has a very straight forward nose of 2 hour cut hay. The body is dry and flavorful. This wine is not like other Pinot Grigio's. It does not have the typical "Floral Perfume" nose of most Pinot Grigios. it is more like a full bodied Chardonnay without the hot flash on your tongue. "To me it is the dance of sweet and dry" Everyone has loved this wine.
  Sweet Sunset Red
A sweet red made in a tawny port style. Three layers of flavors are slowly evolving. The tawny port flavors of toasted oak, a sliver of sweet cherries and a butterscotch and date after taste.($9.00/375ml). This wine should develop over the few years.
  Tropical Fruit Gewurztraminer '03
A little on the odd side. Pineapple and Mango blended with traditional German white wine. What was I thinking? Well it turned out all right. Very Florida oriented. Pour it in a glass and toss in a few ice cubes and your ready for another 100 laps of listening to old "DW" sing "It's fine time to leave me loose wheel" waiting for someone to yell "Wreck".(Nascar speak to the uninitiated) Perfect for the Little Latitudes. If we could put Jimmy Buffet in the bottle, this would be it.
  Viognier '03
Imagine a soft chardonnay blended with a perfect Pinot Grigio married with a balanced taste of peaches. I feel very honored to offer this 67 case lot production wine to our wine drinkers. Since I have been a huge fan of the wine for many years. Velvety like an older Chardonnay, without the Oak. Like a fine Italian Pinot Grigio with out the flowery nose. Viognier has been described in general terms as "A swooning wine ….. wine that just oozed sex and sensuality" Could not have said it any better. Our Viognier will tease you with the color and nose hinting at something sweeter but the actually taste being dry. 67 Cases will not last long.
  White Merlot
So many people have asked me for this wine. Well, it is back. Styled as a blush wine, it is like a sweet tart. Strawberry and tart cherries waft through the nose of this wine. Coral in color and offered as an alternative to White Zinfandel.
  White Zinfandel
Our White Zinfandel is styled to accentuate this varietal's fresh, berry-melon charm while retaining a crisp well balanced acidity - in order to enhance its broad range food compatibility. Brilliant honey/coral in color, Slightly dry to the palate. Very big bouquet. Every thing you would expect from a White Zinfandel.
  Zinfandel 2001
(Red Version) A very different wine for us. A full bodied heavy oaked wine. Lots of dryness and plenty of fruit. The wine often takes 2 hours after it is opened for all of the flavors to reveal themselves. Chocolate, and Cherry are the predominate nose. The juice comes from Lodi, Ca. The vineyards are mostly red clay. You can taste the terrior in the wine itself. Not for the faint of heart. (7.27.04) This wine continues to get better every time we sample it at our tastings. Still needs an hour or two to open up.


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