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Morgan Creek Vineyard

Morgan Creek Vineyard Morgan Creek Vineyards, established in 1993, enjoyed its first vintage season the fall of 1998 and the opening of Minnesota’s only underground winery. The underground earth shelter provides perfect cellar temperature for wine production and aging, and creates an inviting atmosphere for tasting room and gift shop visitors. Specializing in growing and producing German, French, and American style wines, including Minnesota cold-hardy varietals, Morgan Creek Vineyards offers a cycle of seasonal events that celebrate the joy of living and the art of fine winemaking.

Hwy 68 to Blue Earth Co. 47 to 101 South, first farm on left.

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Route 2, Box 214A, New Ulm, MN, US, 56073 Email:
Phone: 507-947-3547 Web:
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Made from a blend of Minnesota grown St. Croix and Marechal Foch - a great balance! A touch of spring like sweetness reveals delicate blackberry and earthy sweet tobacco herbal aromas intertwined with light toasted French oak producing a complex nose and rich soft taste. Serves well with wild game, beef or pork, great with ribs!
  Black Ice
Our September release, a luscious muscat dessert wine to die for! Lovely flavors of orange - linger on the rich body and texture. A splendid cordial after dinner. A wonderful wine to warm the coming frost of the Fall season. Serves great with any chocolate!
  Fox Run
A blend of Baco grapes and a new grape variety, King of the North. Fruity, fun, party wine!
  Frontenac Gris
A delicate strawberry bouquet. Light body and sweetness. First season of the newest grape released from the University of Minnesota.
A unique German favorite and our signature wine! Our Gewurztraminer is released during the German Winefest, mid-July. Gewurz means spice in German. Look for exotic fruit flavors with a peppery character, a great wine to sip or serve with barbecue or Asian cuisine.
  Morgan Creek Myst
Full of summer night floral aromas. This mysty white American sweet wine is a pleasant aperitif to any meal, with fruit and cheese , or - simply sipping while watching the moon rise over the Morgan Creek!
Another award winning wine is made as a rich colored Rose with a hint of the hardy north! This beautiful garnet color wine has a light cherry nose and beaujolais style body. A lively sipping wine and a great pairing with Italian food.
  Puck's Pride
A rich mouthful of black cherry, vanilla, and light oak. Award winning wine, made from 100% Frontenac and barrel aged in American Oak.
  Redtail Ridge
A medium body, red blend of French and Minnesota grapes at varying extractions. This popular Morgan Creek wine has a soft character with a gently cherry flavor and medium tannins. Serve with pasta, pizza, salads, soups. First Place Red, Minnesota State Fair 2004.
A delicate strawberry bouquet. Light body and sweetness. First season of the newest grape, frontenac gris, released from the University of Minnesota.
A traditional member of our German Classic Heritage Wines, refreshing aromatics of north wood pine return to this year's vintage. Excellent with ham, smoky meats, salads.
  Saint John Reserve
Luscious berry, spice and vanilla aromas. A medium body with exceptional complexity. A blend of the French Millot and Marechal Foch grapes.
  Saint Pepin
An American hybrid developed by Elmer Swenson. This Minnesota grown white, offers attractive grapefruit, delicate pineapple, and other tropical fruit aromas. Gently sweetened to make a very pleasant Minnesota wine. Serve with salads, fish or poultry.
  Saint Wenceslaus
A toasting wine for your holiday season! Our popular Christmas wine is a blend of Cherry and Foch, oak barrel aged. This holiday sweet wine will be released this year after the annual October grape stomp! Cheers.
A popular French dry white, light fruit barrel aged in French oak. Serve with fish, poultry, pork.
A white French varietal. Grapes for this lovely wine were grown by the Hahn Vineyard, St. Peter. The sweet white wine has a rich smooth body, with a very gentle pear character. Serve with lamb, pork, poultry.
Our second vintage of the new LaCresent grape developed by the University of Minnesota. This season offers rich apricot and muscat aromas and an appealing late harvest style.


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