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Daly Creek Vineyard & Winery

Daly Creek Vineyard & Winery Daly Creek Winery & Bistro provides an excellent tasting room that features a 20-ft. handmade bar of Iowa Red Cedar. In the tasting room you’ll also find two large windows for observing winemaking operations and nearby is the gift shop with over 500 items. Daly Creek’s upscale Italian Bistro seats 50 guests and an enclosed patio accommodates 40 more while prominently displaying a large Grant Wood mural. Dining reservations are suggested. Daly Creek wines include Penitentiary Red (the best seller), Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel (Moon Beam Blush), Niagara (Octoberfest), and Cherry (Cherry Blossom).


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106 North Ford Street, Anamosa, IA, US, 52205 Email:
Phone: 319-462-2525 Web:
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  Barrel Reserve - Chardonnay
This fine dry wine was produced from the California grown Chardonnay grape then aged in our new American Oak barrels to bring out just the right, crisp flavors and ending with a smooth mellow finish that begs for another sip. Serve chilled with grilled chicken, grilled salmon, or your favorite Italian dish.
  Cherry Blossom - Cherry Wine
A sweet and very fruity wine that tastes like mom's cherry pie. A great summer drink, served chilled and on ice and sipped while rocking on the porch on a sunny afternoon. Try adding a slice of lemon for extra zest.
  MoonBeam Blush - White Zinfandel
Lively with a hint of sweetness, not to complex, very fruity and a smooth and easy finish. You will notice the subtle hints of apricot and nectarines in each sip. Served chilled, this wine goes well with pizza, pasta, and fried chicken.
  Octoberfest - Niagara
If you enjoy Riesling wines, you'll love this zesty wine. This popular German style semi-sweet white wine will leave you begging for more. Made from the grape's used by Welch's, the decorative bottle alone is worth the price. Serve chilled with Thanksgiving turkey, baked chicken and summertime barbeques.
  Penitentiary Red - Cabernet Franc
This full bodied wine is made from California grapes, blended with some Iowa grown Marechal Foch then aged on American Oak for six months. Our best selling wine, this bold wine will delight your senses and become one of your favorites. Serve at cave temperature with a great Iowa Steak, Prime Rib or hearty pasta dishes.
  Winemaker's Reserve - Cabernet Sauvignon
Our highly prized wine, this wine is the winemaker's favorite. The wine offers a complex taste that has been enhanced by blending our 2002 barrel-aged Cabernet with our fine 2003 Cabernet and aging with French oak. Blackberry flavors are unmasked on its smooth trailing finish. Enjoy this dark beauty with a great pepper steak, most pasta dishes, or just sipping with your best friends.


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