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1350 Distilling

1350 Distilling 1350 Distilling will make the highest quality spirits, sourced from locally grown ingredients. We a military themed brand and business making vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Each flavor of liquor will represent one of the military service branches, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. 1350 Distilling will not only cater to those who have served America, but to those family and friends that respect and appreciate their dedication and service.


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520 E Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO, US, 80905 Email:
Phone: 719-358-6614 Web:
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  2004 Cabernet-Port
This single-grape port permits the distinctive fruit flavors to shine through allowing the wine to be served with many food pairings. Ours is a full-bodied Ruby Port styled wine bringing plum, raisins and blackberry to your taste buds. (8% RS)
  2004 Late Harvest Viognier
You will taste pear, orange blossom, very ripe pineapple, and a touch of Crenshaw melon culminating with an apricot ending. Finishes off extremely clean and crisp. (12% RS) Split 375 ml
  Black Muscat
A semi-sweet wine with the true Muscat flavors coming through. These grapes come from vines that are more than 50 years old, from the Upland Vineyards in Sunnyside. With the residual sugars (RS) of 3.8% and great acidity this wine is very approachable and perfect for those do anything, anywhere occasions. Enjoy it on a picnic or in the hot tub!
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (60%) and Merlot (40%). Classic Bordeaux styled table wine. Enjoy with meats, pasta and Cougar Gold Cheese.
Our NON OAKED Chardonnay served chilled will bring out all of the flavors one would expect from this grape. The warm days/cool nights develops less acidity, keeping the aromas and crispness we were looking for. Will age well in the bottle. Pair this with Chicken and dishes that are served with a lot of butter or a cream sauce.
  Chenin Blanc
From late spring to early fall indulge yourself in an amazing treat. Savor the taste of passion fruit, apricot, dried pineapple, tart green apple (Granny Smith) and strawberry. Make sure you serve chilled to bring out these great flavors. (2% RS)
cy and crisp (the German word for spice is Gewurz), with a bouquet that pleases the palate. Works well when pairing with game and strong flavored casseroles. Enjoy young but will age well. (RS-3%)
  Mercantile Red
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (56%) Merlot (38%) Cabernet Franc (6%). This Red Table wine starts off with the earthy characteristics of the Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by the smooth finish of Merlot. With the sturdy and dusty tannins, I suggest a big steak or flavorful pasta dish to match with this wine.
Starts out with lush fruit flavors and matching aromas. Considered to be on the light and fruity range for merlot. Ending with a silky smooth finish. Ready to drink with your favorite meal.
  Pinot Grigio-Chardonnay
A blend of Pinot Grigio (50%) and Chardonnay (50%) co-fermented to create a crisp white wine. The nose starts off with a citrus aroma that leads into a crisp green apple. Once in the mouth the wine gives off a subtle pear flavor with good acidity through the finish. Would pair this wine with green salads, seafood, and chicken.
Pale yellow green, clean, with light floral and fruit aromas suggesting white grapefruit, green apples, off-dry flavors; crisp, tart, racy balance; smooth with a long finish. (RS-1%)
Big and intense is how we like our Syrahs! Aged 11 months in small oak barrels (30% new, 50/50 American and French); we want the great fruit flavors that the Yakima Valley has to come through. In the nose you will find raspberries and sweet oak followed by the flavors of plums and dark berries with a nice finish of acid and oak. Think steak or even pepperoni pizza for this vintage!
  Twilight Harvest
Blending two late harvested grapes that you may never see duplicated. 76% Black Muscat and the spicy Gewurztraminer making up the other 24%, we have created a delightful dessert wine (6% RS). (Refer to the above notes for both grapes being used)


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