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Mokelumne Glen Vineyards

Mokelumne Glen Vineyards Mokelumne (Mo-KUL-uh-me) Glen Vineyards is a small family vineyard providing a choice of affordable and approachable hand-crafted wines for people who want fine wines to enhance their meals. We specialize in German wines from California grown German grapes from our own vineyards located in Lodi, California.


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8441 E. Schmiedt Road, Lodi, CA, US, 95240 Email:
Phone: 209-369-5755 Web:
Fax: 209-333-7628
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The Chardonnay was harvested from our cane-pruned vines, barrel-fermented in European oak, and went through malolactic fermentation--all of which contribute to its subtle characteristics. Oak does not dominate the wine's fragrances and flavors, but blends in with its other qualities.
Dornfelder is known for its dark color, flowery/fruity nose and mellow taste. This dry wine has had a relatively short period of aging in older European oak. This variety is very rare in the United States and is the other of our red "German Collection" wines. Dornfelder is frequently served with red meats and sauces and German food. However, the best food-wine pairing is the one that satisfies you. Enjoy!
This 2004 Dreirebe (DRY-ray-beh) is the first of our late harvest wines. It is a proprietary blend of three varieties from our German Collection. The sugar level of 34.2° Brix at harvest places this wine in our "Reserve" classification, nearly reaching "Selected". This sugar level would be a high Beerenauslese in Germany. The finished wine has a residual sugar of 15.9 g/100ml, a complex blend of fragrances and flavors, and a crisp total acidity level of 6.75g/L. An alcohol level of only 11% is in keeping with the German style. Drink this wine slowly to savor these fragrances and flavors which develop from up-front, through mid-palate, to finish.
Kerner was developed in Germany as a cross of Riesling and Trollinger. We are pleased to now grow it in our own Lodi vineyard. This wine is made in an off-dry German style with an acidity, subtle fruit and resulting crispness that leave little detectable sweetness. Many would appreciate this wine with somewhat spicy foods; however, chill and find the food-wine match that pleases you
Lemberger, also known as Blau Frankisch in Austria, is a crisp, fruity wine with a hint of spice. The crispness of the 2004 vintage results from a total acidity of 7.4g/L. German literature describes the wine as "rassig", loosely translated as racy or superior. It received limited aging in Hungarian Oak. This variety is relatively rare in the United States and is introduced as one of our two first red "German Collection" wines. Lemberger is frequently served with lighter red meats and sauces and German food. However, you will find this crisp wine enjoyable with any meal.
After an initial cool fermentation, the fermentation proceeded to dryness. The wine was then aged in a combination of Hungarian, French, and American oak barrels. These techniques allowed this Zinfandel to develop subtle spice and berry qualities while remaining a smooth and mellow wine.
  Zinfandel Rosé
Although the exact ancestry of the Zinfandel variety is still unclear, it has become known as a grape of California. Our Zinfandel Rosé is a serious off-dry Rosé. It combines the fruit and richness of the Zinfandel variety, while retaining a mellow quality. Chill and serve with any meal.


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