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Nehalem Bay Winery

Nehalem Bay Winery Our beautiful, historic winery is nestled in a lush, green valley on Highway 53 one mile off Highway 101 on the Northern Oregon Coast. Visitors can sit at picnic tables looking out across the dairy farms to the Coast Range and Onion Peak. Nearby boutiques, antique shops, fine dining and forested state parks in the Nehalem Bay Area round out your visit.


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34965 Highway 53, Nehalem, OR, US, 97131 Email:
Phone: 888-368-9463 Web:
Fax: 503-368-5300
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  Bay Blush
A blend of White Riesling and our Pinot Noir. A medium sweet wine.
It smells and tastes just like the fresh blackberries you picked while on a nice little picnic.
  Brut (Methode Campenoise)
The classic fermented wine. Fermented in the bottle - riddled, set, then the crown caps popped and finalized. It is a three berry Brut: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Munier (mun-yay) - Classic and possibly the best Brut in the USA.
A great body with good tannins and some spice that feels tingly on the -tongue and grows when it touches the roof of the mouth, for a great finish as it goes down!
Dry, with a hint of fruit up front, followed with a floral taste and ending with a buttery finish.
White Reisling blended with cranberry. A sweet, tart and really tasty wine for the times. Great for the hot tub!
The very popular wine with seafood a little spicy with great body.
  Honey Mead
Our sweetest wine. Tastes just like the honey it was made from.
  Marechal Foch
A heavy red with tones of the flower. A taste up front that settles onto the tongue and a finish that produces a feel for the complete experience.
Garnet color, aromatic with hints of plum. Ripe fruit with good balance of tannins and acid. Hints of Black Currant in the lingering flavored finish. Bright, light and very enjoyable.
  Nehalem Red Sweet
This premier and Noble America Grape is full-bodied, somewhat foxy and fruity, and it's distinctive taste is clean, fruity and fresh. Finished at approximately 4% residual sugar, it is much drier than National Brand Concords which are usually done at approximately 10% residual sugar. The lower sugar gives the finished wine a natural freshness that is not too sweet . . . and not too dry.
Just like picking a ripe grape and popping it into your mouth. You can almost feel the seed. A real favorite at NBW.
Made from the Bartlett Pear in a lighter, less sweet, more natural wine. Often used with seafood of all kinds, and a great sipping or dessert wine. Great Pear flavor that is clean, crisp and fresh.
  Pinot Gris
Alsace-style wine, barrel fermented and aged, which creates a distinctive Pinot Gris, long on the palate, soft, full-textured and fresh. Hints of Pear aromas characteristic with this varietal.
  Pinot Noir
The wine of Oregon, a bit of spice with a ruby red color. A great wine that goes well with cheeses, red meats, and would you believe? . . . Chocolate!
  Pinot Noir Blanc
Limited quantities of this great wine. Normally done in a very dry style . . . the grape used had additional "hang time" on the vine and developed a very fruity (yet fairly dry) palatable, tasty and enjoyable wine. A depth of fruit flavor in excellent balance with acid makes this a great table wine.
All plum. Very, very tasty with Asian foods and . . .
The tart fruit fermented and set with the sugars so that this sweet wine tastes just like Grandma's Rhubarb pies . . . almost!
  Santa's Elixir
Our Christmas wine, a combination of White Riesling, cranberry and spices. Perfect heated or served chilled. Released only once a year during the holiday season.
  Valley Peach
Reisling with peach, fermented in the true Georgia Peach style. Fun for those peach lovers.
  White Riesling
A wine in the German style, not too sweet and not too dry.


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