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Pointe of View Winery

Pointe of View Winery On April 17, 2002 the Pointe of View Winery was approved by the ATF as bonded winery BW-ND-1, making Pointe of View Winery the first federally bonded winery in North Dakota, the last state in the union to have one. The Pointe of View Winery is a small 2 family operation; Jeff & Diana Peterson and Ken & Cindy Eggleston. We’ve enjoyed making wine on an amateur level for the past 15 years and now we’d like to share our craft with other wine enthusiasts.


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8413 19th Avenue NW, Burlington, ND, US, 58722 Email:
Phone: 701-839-5505 Web:
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  Apple Wine
Made from up to 7 different varieties of locally grown and harvested apples. Very popular.
The aroma of the Black Currants in this delightful dessert wine is nearly intoxicating by itself.
  Cherry Wine
  Chokecherry Port Style Dessert Wine
This fortified dessert wine is perfect for sipping on a cold night (or any night, for that matter).
  ChokeCherry Wine
Full-bodied, rich red wine aged in American oak barrels. Uniquely North Dakota. Diana's favorite.
  Dry Apple Wine
Dry version of our apple wine. This one's been aged in Oak barrels for the dry wine lover.
  Dry Honey Elderflower
A dry version of our classic Honey with Elderflower. Aged 14 months in American oak barrels.
  Dry Honey Wine
Soft, oakey white wine aged 10 months in American Oak barrels. Reminiscent of Pinot Grigio. Jeff's favorite.
  Dry Rhubarb Wine
A dry version of our classic Rhubarb wine.
Full-bodied deep-red wine made from a Minnesota varietal grown near the Mississippi river. Ken's favorite.
  Honey Apple Wine
  Honey Wine
  Honey Wine with Elderflowers
Sweet white wine with a pleasant floral bouquet giving it the character of a German white.
  Juneberry Wine
Unique light red wine like nothing you've ever tried.
  Prairie Red
  Sweet Honey Wine
ht, sweet, white wine with a surprisingly fruity character.
  Sweet Rhubarb Wine
Our best seller. To quote one of our customers, "Really rhubarbyish, I love it."
  Viking Deed
A Norsk favorite. Popular with others as well. A blend of honey and apple wines.


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