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La Vida Loca Winery

La Vida Loca Winery The Putz family moved to a home in rural Warren county in 1987, where many berries were found growing on the property. The family would go out and pick them and make homemade jellies. Tony then began making wine as a casual hobby. When neighbor and relative, Ron, tasted the wine, he began picking fruit and taking a real interest in producing wine. As other people discovered the different flavors of wine, it became evident this was a venture worth undertaking. So, from these humble beginnings, La Vida Loca Winery came to life.

We're 4 miles west of Indianola on Highway 92. Turn north on County Highway R-57 to the first gravel road, which is Jesup. Go 1/2 mile west on Jesup and you'll see the tan and red building on the south side of the road.

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7852 Jesup Street, Indianola, IA, US, 50125 Email:
Phone: 515-962-2236 Web:
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  American Cynthiana
Our bold, deep red wine with fantastic fruity characteristics, the "Merlot of the Mid-west"
  American Wild
One of two grape wines that we offer. A nice blend of American Concord Grapes and a local variety of Wild Grapes. An excellent wine to serve to friends.
  Apple (Semi-Dry)
A blend of Red Delicious and Jonathan apples. A light crisp wine very suitable for table use. Similar to Pies Porter.
  Autumn Harvest
A blend of peach and pear. A semi-dry crisp light wine that would go with any meal.
A very nice semi-sweet red wine. Made with hand picked, locally grown wild blackberries. This is Tony's favorite, make it one of yours.
Made from old fashion pie cherries. A red wine, excellent for special occasions.
Made from freshly picked Wisconsin cranberries. The tartness shines through with every sip.
A dark wild fruit wine with a slight earthy tone. Similar to a Merlot.
This spicy, dry wine will add a "kick" to any occasion. Made from green Jalapeno peppers, this wine is intended to be used in cooking as a marinade or in soups and sauces. However, many people enjoy it as a sipping wine.
  La Vida Loca Red
A full bodied red grape wine. Several locally grown grapes combine to make this dry wine ideal with steak.
  La Vida Loca White
A dry white wine. Made with locally grown grapes. This wine goes great with chicken and turkey.
The most delicate of our wines. Very light and excellent with seafood.
  Plum (Semi-Dry)
A medium colored wine that displays its own tart characteristics. It is said that this wine goes well with oriental food.
  Prima Rosa
A light blush wine on the sweeter side. This wine will remind you of a white zin. A great deck sipping wine during the spring and summer.
A dark full bodied semi-sweet wine made from wild black raspberries picked fresh from the woodlands of Iowa.
Another light wine-known in Iowa as one of the grandfathers of wine.
  Wild Cherry
  Wild Grape (Semi-Dry)
The second of our grape offerings. Made from the local variety of Wild Grapes found in the area


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