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Hunt Country Vineyards

Hunt Country Vineyards Hunt Country Vineyards is a small family-owned winery located above the shores of Keuka Lake. The Hunt family is dedicated to growning quality grapes and vinifying elegant and unique wines. Hunt Country produces limited quanties of vintage varietal wines and focuses on specialty wines including late harvest and ice wines.

FROM THE SOUTH: Take Rte. 17 to exit 38 at Bath N.Y. Follow signs to Rte. 54 North. (also follow the green and white grape cluster signs to KEUKA LAKE WINERIES) Take Rte. 54 North 7 miles and turn left onto Rte. 54A. Follow 54A through Hammondsport and North 17 miles to Branchport. After leaving Hammondsport, you may instead follow the Keuka Wine Route (marked by red and white signs) which runs parallel to Rte. 54A on the upper road, above the lake. Both roads take you to Branchport and Hunt Country Vineyards. Follow Hunt Country signs to the winery. FROM WESTERN NEW YORK: Take I-90 (N.Y.S. Thruway) East to exit 44 (Canandaigua). Follow Rte. 332 South through Canandaigua and turn left onto Rts. 5 & 20 East. Go about 3 miles and turn right onto Rt. 247. Follow Rt. 247 South a

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4021 Italy Hill Road, Branchport, NY, US, 14418 Email:
Phone: 315-595-2812 Web:
Fax: 315-595-2835
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A delicate dessert wine with a floral nose and hints of apricots, peaches and honey. It was picked several weeks after the main harvest following an ideal growing season. Ideal with fresh fruit, cheesecake or all by itself. (7%RS) 375 ml. (available only at the tasting room or via mail order -- only 200 cases made). Gold Medal, 2004 Tasters Guild International
Intensely sweet, with citrus balancing pronounced apricot and honey. Produced in the manner of traditional German "Eiswein," This very special wine can only be made under ideal vineyard conditions. Hunt Country Vidal Ice Wine is certain to delight the palate of the most sophisticated wine connoisseur. Serve for very special occasions as a grand finalé to a fine meal. Serve with dessert, for dessert, or with pâté foie gras. Our ice wine ages well for up to ten years. Estate grown and bottled. (19%RS) 375 ml. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, 2004 Florida International Wine Competition
  Cabernet Franc
A rich, robust, oak-aged red, with hints of black cherries and raspberries. Perfect with fine cuts of beef, lamb and cheeses. GOLD Medal Winner, 2005 Taster's Guild Consumer Wine competition
  Cayuga White
Crisp, refreshing and fruity, with hints of peach. Great with savory hors d'oeuvres, including cheese & crackers.
  Champagne Chardonnay
Fermented in the bottle, a fine Brut-style Champagne made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Makes any occasion a special event!
A beautifully balanced dry white, with crisp fruit, subtle vanilla oak, and a light buttery finish. Perfect with shellfish, veal and pastas with white sauce.
  Classic Red
Classic Red is a well-balanced medium-bodied Beaujolais style red wine. We blend and oak age Baco Noir, Chancellor, and deChaunac to produce a wine with a complex fruit character that is dry, smooth and modestly oaked. Goes well with red meats and hearty meals. (0.99%RS) Silver Medal, 2003 New York State Fair Commercial Wine Competition
  Cream Sherry
Cream Sherry has been on the Hunt's table and in their kitchen for generations. Our Cream Sherry is nutty and rich, with caramel & oak. Enjoy it by itself, with sharp cheeses, with desserts, or in soups and sauces. DOUBLE GOLD Medal Winner, 2004 Florida State Fair International Wine Competition.
  Dry Riesling
A delicate Riesling finished in a soft dry style, with floral and apple overtones. Pairs wonderfully with poultry, pork, light fish and Asian cuisine. Very few bottles remaining!
  Foxy Lady Blush
A refreshing, fruity blush blend. An all-occasion favorite. “A blush from a lady who doesn’t!”TM
  Foxy Lady Red
Full-bodied and lively, with hints of freshly picked grapes. Serve chilled or hot with mulling spices.
  Foxy Lady White
Fresh, fruity and delightfully sweet, with the vine-ripened flavor that puts the “Foxy” in this wine.
  Hunters Red
Hunter's Red is a soft smooth and nearly dry red wine with a nice delicate bouquet. A blend of DeChaunac, Seyval Blanc, Corot Noir & Chambourcin grapes. Enjoy this merlot-like, full and mellow red with meats and hearty bean dishes. (2.5%RS)
  Late Harvest Vignoles
Seductively sweet with citrus and exotic fruit aromas, and complexity from Botrytis. Perfect with fruit, cheesecake or chocolate desserts. Featured in the April 2005 issue of FOOD&WINE, paired with a coffee-laced Chocolate Mousse. Winner of SEVEN Gold and Double-Gold medals.
  Ruby Port
ThisRobust and smooth, with plum & cherry notes, and subtle oak. A wonderful full-bodied wine that will warm your soul after a special meal. Savor with blue cheeses or fine cigars. Winner of 2 GOLD Medals (2004 Taster's Guild International Wine competition and 2003 The Dallas Morning News Wine Competition).
  Semi-Dry Riesling
A crisp, fresh white, with apricot and floral notes. Complements a wide variety of dishes including poultry, veal, pork and seafood. Very few bottles remaining!
  Seyval Blanc
Our new vintage of this beautiful, distinctive wine! A smooth, dry white with delicate fruit, softly aged in oak. Wonderful with seafood and light poultry. GOLD Medal Winner, 2005 Taster's Guild Consumer Wine competition.
Another great vintage of our 2003 Jefferson Cup winner! Wonderfully spicy, tart and flavorful with hints of citrus and tropical fruit. Pairs beautifully with Thai, Chinese and other hot and spicy cuisine.


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