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Emerine Estates

Emerine Estates Here at Emerine Estates we are proud to introduce a new wine sensation for all to enjoy. By adopting the traditional wine making techniques and incorporating them with ours, we are able to produce a new generation of wines. The end results is a 100% all natural fruit wine made in the heartland of Cherry Valley, Ohio. Here at the Estate, we pride ourselves on making a high quality wine that stands alone. The process begins in our own backyard with the personalized selection of the freshest fruits on the tree. Each precious drop of juice is hand pressed, fermented, aged and bottled by the Emerine family. No costly machines or chemicals are used which would distort the beauty of our fine wines. Our bottle-by-bottle approach in wine making gives each bottle its own distinct aroma, body, clarity, and taste. Our wines are in a class that stands alone when wine making is a passion and not a profession.


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5689 Loveland Road, Jefferson, OH, US, 44047 Email:
Phone: 440-293-8199 Web:
Fax: 440-293-8199
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  Apple X-Cider
For the cider lovers, Emerine Estates has your taste buds in mind. Starting with a fresh apple base and adding just the right amount of cinnamon and spice and all the things that are nice. A delectable and flavorful wine which is great for those cold fall and winter evenings. Semi-sweet
  Blueberry Wine
This full-bodied fruit wine is made from the freshest blueberries in Maine, Oregon and Cherry Valley. An aromatic wine that will overwhelm your senses with a bold all natural blueberry flavor. Well balanced to create a refreshing, clean, and uplifting experience. Your palate will thank you for this flavorful wine. Semi dry.
  Caramel Apple Wine
A fresh and exciting well balanced fruit wine made from the freshest apples in Cherry Valley. A clear and clean apple fruit base specially blended with an everlasting caramel flavor. Great for Halloween.
  Country Apple Riesling
A fresh and exciting well balanced fruit wine to tantalize your taste buds. This aromatic wine is packed full of fresh green apples that will make you pucker. Starting with a crisp, clear, and flavorful Riesling base and specially blended to awe the consumer. If you're a sour apple lover, then this is the wine for you.
  Country Concord
What was my son Evan thinking when he created such a wine. Concord wine!!! Where's the peanut butter? This smooth, warm and sensational fruit wine is full of flavor and aroma. Well balanced with soft acids to make a grand all season wine. An everlasting flavor that will put your taste buds in a frenzy. Semi-sweet with a dry warm aftertaste.
  Harvest Peach - Apricot Chardonnay
A fresh, rich, exciting, and well balance fruit wine. This aromatic wine is packed full of fresh peaches and apricots in a Chardonnay base. If you're a peach lover, then this is the wine for you. A great spring and fall wine.
  Hunters Cranberry Wine
Few have mastered the balance of a sweet wine with an everlasting dry aftertaste. Here at Emerine Estates we pride ourselves on mastering such a task. This medium bodied fruit wine will send your taste buds into orbit. Crisp, clean and full of natural cranberry flavor. A must for all occasions, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Semi-Sweet.
  Strawberry Shortcake
Are you ready for a strawberry extravaganza? Look no further! This full-bodied Merlot will drive you wild. Starting with a Merlot base and balanced with fresh strawberries to make a delicious all occasion fruit wine. A crisp, clean, flavorful, and aromatic wine to keep your senses jumping. Semi-sweet.
  Tropical Paradise
No Collection is complete without a 5-blend fruit wine. This wine is well balanced using only the freshest fruits and juices. Pineapple, grapefruit, orange, apple, and white grape make up this clear and refreshing wine. Your palate will be excited as your stomach begs for more. Semi-sweet wine with warm acidic aftertaste. Great for spring and fall evenings.


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