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Brix Urban Winery

Brix Urban Winery Brix Urban Winery and Market, LLC is located in downtown Ste. Genevieve. They specialize in original small batch mead (honey wine) and fruit wines that are made and bottled on site. Visit Brix Urban Winery for an UN-traditional experience!

From I-55, exit onto Highway 32 and travel east. Highway 32 will turn into Fourth Street at the city limits. From Fourth Street, turn right on either Market Street or Merchant Street to reach downtown Ste. Genevieve.

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245 Merchant Street, Ste. Genevieve, MO, US, 63670 Email:
Phone: 636-735-1198 Web:
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This is an amazing semi sweet white blend of many grapes, including Vidal and Vignoles. The Vidal gives this wine the backbone it needs, and the Vignoles have such charisma, this wine makes everyone's taste buds happy. Won a bronze in 2001 at the Missouri State Fair.
This apple wine has such wonderful apple aromas, made from apples from Diebold's apple orchard in Southeast Missouri. This wine is great on a summer afternoon, or warmed and mulled on a cold winter night.
If you like to eat apricots, you will love to drink this wine. It has a nice level of sweetness, but not sticky sweet. Just a tinge of acid on the palate makes this wine almost taste refreshing.
Our Beauvais wine is a dry red wine. We have blended many red wines, including Marechal foch and Chambourcin to produce this hearty, very drinkable wine. This wine would taste best with red sauce pasta.
One of the sweetest wines we make, made from local Ste. Genevieve County blackberries. This is another wine just like your relatives made. It has won many recent awards, including a bronze in Missouri (2001), a silver in Tennessee (2000), and a silver in Missouri (2000).
This is one of the sweeter wines we make. It is made from fresh blueberries.
Our Bolduc is a semi dry red blend of Chambourcin and Norton grapes. This wine has great blackberry and black pepper aromas and a full mouth feel. This Bolduc would taste best with steak.
  Chateau Ste. Genevieve
This is a semi dry white wine, with a lot of up front fruit flavors including pear and grapefruit. This wine would taste nice with fish or chicken. This is a blend of Vidal and Aurora grapes.
This wine tastes just like alcoholic cherry pie. A nice level of sweetness, combined with a spicy, cinnamon, clove on the palate. This wine wins the most awards, year after year, including two International silvers, two years in a row.
  Christmas Plum
Ahh...Christmas Plum. Only available November and December, and on occasion early January if we haven't sold out by then. Customers wait for this wine all spring and summer and fall, and we start taking orders as early as August. Made from fresh plums, this is the ideal wine for all your holiday gatherings.
Our Concord wine is made from Concord grapes we have grown in our vineyard, fermented dry, and sweetened to taste. This wine recently won a gold medal in the Tennessee wine competition in December 2001. Tastes just like your granddad made it.
Made from local Ste. Genevieve County wild elderberries, this wine is very sweet, but tastes so fresh. If you are familiar with the way elderberries taste, your mouth is watering, and if you have never had an elderberry before, this is the perfect opportunity.
  LaRose Rose
This rose colored wine is easy to drink, not too sweet, not too dry. This is the type of wine I call a "crowd pleaser."
  LaRose Rose
This rose colored wine is easy to drink, not too sweet, not too dry. This is the type of wine I call a "crowd pleaser."
This wine also wins awards; therefore, it doesn't stay on the shelf long. Made from fresh pears, this wine tastes great.
  Red Currant
Our Red Currant wine has a beautiful crimson color, and a marvelous taste. This wine is finished on the sweeter side, but is not sticky sweet.
  Red Raspberry
Made from fresh red raspberries, this wine is sweet, but has a little acid to balance it out. This is my favorite wine to drink while eating chocolate.
  Seyval Blanc
This is a dry white wine, barrel fermented, 100% Seyval Blanc grapes grown in our vineyard, and aged in Missouri oak barrels.
  Ste. Gemme
This is a semi dry blend of barrel aged Seyval and Vidal. Ste. Gemme has a wonderful full mouth feel, just a tinge of oak aromas, and a lot of fruit on the palate.
Our pink colored Strawberry wine is so smooth and sweet.
  Valle Rhine
The Valle Rhine is a semi sweet white wine, blended of Vidal and Cayuga grapes. Made in the traditional German Rhine style, a lot of red and green apple flavors on the palate and aroma, and finished slightly sweet.
  Vidal Blanc
This dry Vidal wine was made from Vidal grapes grown in our vineyard, and kept in stainless steel. We like this wine so much by itself, that we did not blend it or put it in oak barrels.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: Strangely, Sainte Genevieve Norton wines received rave reviews a decade ago, but as time passed, less and less was heard from this winery as newer surrounding wineries made their presence known with an assortment of newly introduced varietal wines. As a curiosity, we visited this site to see what had happened and what we learned was that time had passed them over in production of newer more sophisticated wines. We could find no wines here to rationalize purchase as even a "souvenir" to a charming little town along a busy Interstate highway.