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Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery

Arbor Hill Grapery & Winery Arbor Hill is located near Canandaigua Lake in the famous Finger Lakes Region. In this warm, wonderful New England country setting, the Brahm family has created a unique complex of antique buildings to showcase their award-winning wines, gourmet wine food products, gifts and gift boxes. The Grapery, is the retail store for Arbor Hill Winery, which features “Everything Grape & More”. History In the early 1900’s, Anna Randall married Elmer Standish and started a Naples grape growing tradition that has spanned four generations. Today, John and Katie Brahm continue that tradition, producing award-winning wines and gourmet food products. With a degree in Pomology from Cornell and a successful 23-year career at Widmer Wine Cellars, John started the business with the now famous Brahm’s Wine Syrups. A year later, John and Katie started a farm winery, where they showcase the experimental grape varieties that have since become their trademark. Their daughter Sherry joined in 1989 to manage the Arbor Hill Grapery Store, which stocks hundreds of delicious gourmet food items, award-winning wines and grape related gifts. Today, it continues to offer the largest line of gourmet food products in the Finger Lakes Region.

We are located near Canandaigua Lake in the famous Finger Lakes Region, just down the street from Bristol Mountain, smack dab in the middle of South Bristol.

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6461 Route 64, Naples, NY, US, 14512 Email:
Phone: 585-374-2870 Web:
Fax: 585-374-9198
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A sweet white dessert wine with full body and rich bouquet. Compliments fresh fruits, mild ripe cheeses, nuts and sweet desserts.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Considered the classic red wine of France for generations, Aged in French Nevers Oak, our Cabernet exhibits a nice balance of tannins, Oak and fruit to provide a wine of velvety mellow character. Serve at cool room tepmerature with red meats, veal, pasta dishes and aged mellow cheeses.
  Canandaigua Moorse Diamond
Dry white wine made from 100% Moores Diamond Grapes, dry but fruity, aged in American Oak, was hybridized in Brighton NY, near Rochester, by Jacob Moore in 1885.
A sparkling wine that is a fruity-light white wine, low in alcohol, blend of Traminnette, Cayuga White and Vidal. Great served with fresh fruit. A must for wedding toasts -- special label is available.
Aged in French Nevers Oak; a dry white wine, light wood character. It's perfect with white meats and seafood. Open and enjoy with your favorite meal.
  Chardonnay "Au Natural"
This is a naturally dry sparkling wine made by a very precise method of fruit selection and wine-making technique. This fresh style of wine makes this an elegant wine of great versatility. It is ideal at cocktail time and is a delightful complement to light cuisine and fresh fruits.
  Classic Traminette
Sweet-spicy white wine with a floral aroma, a child of Gewurztaminer (German for spice), we were the first in the world to introduce this award winning wine. Traminette was recognized at the Jefferson Classic, being identified as an "American Example of Greatness". For more information about the Traminette grape, please call or stop by our store and read the Associated press article with John and the Model A truck on the wall.
  Dry Traminette
This is the drier version of our award winning Traminette. With a residual sugar of .5%, it emulates the great Gewurztraminers of Alsace, France.
  Genundewah Blush Table Wine
This wine is a semi-dry Finger Lakes blend similar to a White Zinfandel and it goes nicely with poultry, pork and other light meats. Genundewah, a Seneca Indian name, translates to "Celebration of Harvest."
  Mrs. Brahm’s Very Blueberry
Sweet red wine, made with Wild Maine Blueberries. The Colder the better & makes a great spritzer. We characterize it as a fun wine.
Dry red wine, similar to a Merlot, it's a blend of Marchel Foch and Chambourein, aged in French Nevers Oak and should be served at room temperature. (Sold Out until next vintage)
  Ogarita Niagara Table Wine
A white, sweet and fruity wine, it is made with 100% Niagara grapes, which are very aromatic and well known in the area as great eating grapes, also. This wine makes a wonderful mixer for punch or spritzers. The colder the better! Serve this wine with very flavorful dishes and strong cheese.
  Onnalinda White Table Wine
A semi-dry white wine, blend of Cayuga White, Vidal & Traminette, similar to Chablis, neutral tasting wine which satisfies many tastes, not too dry nor too sweet. Great served with our country store cheese.
  Rhine Street Red
A sweet red wine made late in the season. The base is Concord blended with other red varieties. This is an anytime wine! It's great for your heart too!
  Rhine Street White
A sweet blend of native grapes and French-American varietals, producing a wine with nice fruit over tones and a smooth finish.
This varietal has the natural tartness and beautiful fruit overtones which have made this Riesling a very food friendly wine. Riesling is great as an aperitif and is an exceptional accompaniment to fish, shellfish and poultry.


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