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Live Happy Lane Winery

Live Happy Lane Winery Live Happy Lane Winery & Vineyards is a family owned and operated boutique winery nestled in North East Texas. We pride ourselves in harvesting quality grapes from the Texas High Plains and are passionate about building new relationships and nourishing the relationships we already have.


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2879 Live Happy Lane, Greenville, TX, US, 75402 Email:
Phone: 817-237-2626 Web:
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  Happy Cat
Our new Happy Cat is a blend - 80% dry orange muscat and 20% pinot grigio... Chai, our winery cat, was watching the sun set one afternoon from her favorite wine barrel perch. Caris saw her and grabbed her camera - as she focused, Chai turned to look at her with a look of complete love and happiness. When we made this blend and tasted it, we looked at eachother with love and happiness too. This DRY (no sugar) wine is similar to a tropical sauvignon blanc - aromas of honeysuckle and pear lead into flavors of grapefruit, mango and pineapple with a long, lemony finish.
  Happy Dog
A delicious, fun, sweet red wine - a runaway best seller. Sweet but not too sweet, deep flavors and an unexpected complexity for a less expensive, sweet red. Flavors of cherry, caramel, brown sugar, and plum. Pairs GREAT with hot, spicy foods - the sweet balances heat. Named for our dog, Mai, who, when Caris was a home winemaker, loved to lick her arms clean after she'd been working with fermenting wine - she'd sit with such a look we'd say, 'Aren't you a happy dog!'. Now you can be too.
  LightCatcher Cabernet Sauvignon
This delightful wine made from fruit of the Newsome [sic] Vineyard blasts cherry and dark berry aromas out of the glass. Its rich flavors impress no less and it has a heartiness with mature tannins, yet lots of finess.
  LightCatcher Cabernet Sauvignon Port
Port can be magical - sweet like the finest Spring day, warm like a Winter's fire, fruity with the best Summer and Autumn harvest of cherry, strawberry and plum... This Port is all of that, a drop of heaven in the glass. Enjoy with chocolates or nuts and cheese, take a deep breath and know there is love in this crazy old world.
  LightCatcher Chardonnay
This wine is unoaked and bright with flavors of pear, apple, lemon and a hint of pineapple and banana. A creamy undertone ties all the fruit notes together. Only 45 cases made. 2 bottle per purchase maximum.
  LightCatcher 'Dulce de Amore' Orange Muscat Dessert Wine
"The Sweetness of Love" - if that can be expressed in a wine, it is here. Delicious flavors of papaya, apricot and citrus are clean and bright. While this wine is sweet, it can be used best with tangy cheeses and good pates. We've paired it with creme brulee at a wine dinner - wonderful! Only 6% residual sugar, it's sweet but not cloying.
  LightCatcher Etain's Rose
Our inaugural release of a dry rosé, this wine is already a top seller at the tasting room. It is fresh and crisp with flavors of delicate strawberry and kiwi. It's perfect with roast chicken, grilled salmon, and lighter foods. Bronze Medal - Lone Star Int'l 2007.
  LightCatcher Merlot
Newsom Vineyard Texas High Plains Appellation Bronze Medal Winner Very smooth, soft berry and cherry flavors with a delicate backing of oak. Opens up gracefully with further notes of licorice, leather and chocolate.
  LightCatcher Merlot
Smooth, intense black cherry, vanilla, almond, raspberry, blackberry, clove, plum, fig, brown sugar, cinnamon & chocolate - this wine is a Texas original. Aged in small barrels, the glorious color and aromas lead you into savoring its full body and complex flavors. Enjoy with savory foods - red pastas, grilled steaks, game and lamb.
  LightCatcher Orange Muscat
Newsom Vineyard. Texas High Plains appellation. This is an Alsatian-styled Orange Muscat, which means it is dry (no sugar). It delivers clean tropical flavors of papaya, apricot and citrus. It is absolutely delicious with duck, roast pork and sausages, cheddar cheeses, middle-eastern and Thai foods, and most cream-sauced foods. Currently we are the only winery in Texas that we are aware of that is making a DRY Orange Muscat. Based on the response to it, we'll continue to do it. It is a wonderful food wine and delivers lots of entertainment value in the intensity and complexity of the flavors. It was taken by the Texas Department of Agriculture to a wine tasting in Manhattan where they invited wine and food writers (Food & Wine, Gourmet, Conde Nast, etc.) to blind taste Texas wines against world-class ringers - in this case a Bott Freres Grand Cru Muscat - and won!!
  Texas Kiss Merlot Rosé
This Kiss is a little bit sweet, crisp and fruity, with Texas-sized 'kisses' of flavors - cherry, apple, cranberry and strawberry. It is perfect on the patio on a hot day, or paired with BBQ, Mexican food and, believe it or not, sushi! It is our way of 'kicking it up a notch', and delivering a lot of flavor in a lighter wine. It's like a jewel in the glass, rosy and clean.
  Texas Roads Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2003 is more classic Cabernet than the '02. Distinct flavors of plum, cherry, cedar, tobacco and vanilla. Exceptionally lovely softer cab. Caris made this image at Connemara Nature Preserve, north of Dallas, while shooting footage for the TV show 'Wishbone'. You don't see this view of a team too often anymore. Caris feels CabSav can be a powerful and beautiful wine, and this image suited it.
  Texas Roads Merlot
Aromas of mint, cherry and chocolate lead to flavors of black cherry, blackberry, toasted spices and cassis. Aromatic and elegant.
  Texas Roads Merlot
This is a wonderfully fruit forward Merlot that has nuances of cherries, berries and chocolate.
  Texas Roads Pinot Grigio
Texas Reserve Grand Champion - Houston LSR 2007 Silver medal. Bright flavors of pear, apple and grapefruit balanced with bright acidity make this a huge favorite. Very fruity and crisp. Terrific all purpose white wine - good by itself, and good with food, especially white cheeses, curries and seafood.
  Texas Roads Remuda Red
Simply delicious, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot shows deep dark berry and cherry flavors, with undertones of vanilla, cedar and warm spices. Released in mid January 2008, it is flying off the shelves - a lot of "bang for your buck".
  Texas Roads Syrah
Our new Syrah is more Rhône in style - a little earthy, a little tannic, with lots of dark berry notes. Fabulous food wine, and pairs best with southern France style dishes, things with tomato, peppers, onions and olives. One day this white bluebonnet appeared in our yard, amongst a huge spread of blue ones. Just this one. It was like a little gift, and came at a time in our lives that reminded us that there are special little things happening all around us, if we just open our eyes and pay attention. It has never reappeared.


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