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Obelisco Estate – “The Wine Cellar”

Obelisco Estate – “The Wine Cellar” We often look to history for examples of intriguing notions. How have humans left their mark on places of discovery? How have we announced ourselves, our presence, to the world? As early as 2000 BC, obelisks were quarried out of solid red granite along the banks of the Nile in Egypt and ferried by boats buoyed by flood waters to their destinations, where they were erected as monuments. To this day, obelisks are icons reminiscent of civilizations past, insistent symbols still representing their creators’ marks on the earth. Although the first obelisks were quarried in Egypt, the Greeks were the first to write about them – therefore, the word obelisk comes from the Greek obeliskos, meaning “prong for roasting”. As a general rule, obelisks were erected in pairs and served to magically protect the temple. The obelisk is composed of two parts: The body and the pyramidion, the pyramid shaped top designed to allow the sun to reflect from its faces, thereby symbolizing the rays of the sun. The Egyptians believe the solar rays brought great power, even into the grave, which would subsequently resurrect the deceased.


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  Bench Rock Red Blend
This dry red wine was aged for 20 months in oak barrels and is a blend of 56% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 9% Syrah. It has aromas of spice, dark fruit and hints of vanilla with rich flavors of cherries, black berries and mocha. Notes of white pepper linger in the lengthy finish.
This full-bodied, dry white wine is barrel fermented and starts with aromas of apples & tropical fruit. Flavors of pears and pineapple unfold on the palate with a creamy mouth feel of butter and vanilla wrapping up the extended finish.
This spicy off-dry German varietal has a pretty floral nose with scents of honeysuckle and rose water. Flavors of grapefruit, lychee and baking spices blend perfectly and carry into the clean finish. A true crowd pleaser, it’s not too sweet nor too dry. 1.5% Residual Sweetness
  Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
This sweet dessert wine has a nose full of peach and tropical fruits including guava and candied pineapple. Layers of melon, peaches and dried apricots unfold on the palate taking you to the sugar dusted, lemon drop finish that leaves you longing for another sip. 6% Residual Sweetness
This classic dry Merlot has traditional dark fruit characteristics with boysenberry, vanilla bean and spicy aromas followed by juicy black cherries, blackberries and currant flavors, with notes of sweet tobacco and sandal-wood. The rich, yet smooth tannins are well integrated with oak and the extended finish finds hints mocha and clove.
  Pinot Grigio
This classic dry non-oaked white wine has aromas and flavors of orange spice, green apples and citrus peel with classic flinty and mineral notes. It has plenty of body and finishes nicely with snappy lemon-lime acidity.
  Pinot Noir
This luscious full-bodied Pinot Noir meets your senses with aromas of cedar, cigar box, and tobacco, along with hints of baking spices. Dried cherries, strawberries and wild berries please the palate in this silky –smooth sipper. The long finish concludes with hints of wet river stone, vanilla, leather, and subtle spice.
  Pinot Noir-Limited Release
This full-bodied dry Pinot Noir has red cedar, raspberry and wet-stone aromas with textured layers of dried strawberries, rich cherry and berry fruit flavors, coated with mineral and rose petal nuances in the soft, velvety mid-palate. This intense yet delicate wine concludes with spice and currant notes on the round generous finish.
  Riesling Ice Wine-Orchard Hills Vineyard
This ultra sweet dessert wine is rich and luscious with an intense fruity-floral nose. It offers complex flavors of orchard & tropical fruit including mango, peaches and candied pineapple with a velvety mouth feel and final notes of vanilla & honey. This Ice Wine is well rounded with plenty of acidity balancing the sweetness. 16% R.S.
  Rose of Merlot
This dry Rosé is produced from 100% Merlot that was left on the skins for 18 hours and then pressed, giving the wine it’s pretty pink color. It is light and refreshing with aromas and flavors of cherry, strawberry and spice with notes of butterscotch.


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