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Forsee Vineyards and Winery

Forsee Vineyards and Winery A recent addition to the Heartland Rivers Wine Trail, Forsee Vineyards and Winery opened in Montgomery County, Illinois in early 2008. Nestled amongst a landscape of rolling hills, peppered with oaks and vines, we offer our guests several opportunities to share in our passion and enjoy the relaxing landscape.

From: Saint Louis, MO 1. Merge onto I-64 E/US-40 E - 3.0 mi 2. Continue on I-55 N - 49.7 mi 3. Take exit 52 toward Litchfield - 0.5 mi 4. Merge onto IL-16 E - 0.5 mi 5. Slight right at IL-16 - 10.0 mi 6. Continue on IL-127/S Main St - 1.4 mi 7. Turn left at IL-185 - 9.1 mi 8. Turn right at E 19th Rd/CR-1900 E - 0.8 mi 9. Turn right at N 4th Ave/CR-400 N - 0.5 mi. From: Springfield, IL 1. Take I-55 S - 39.4 mi 2. Take exit 52 toward Litchfield - 0.5 mi 3. Turn left at IL-16 E - 0.9 mi 4. Slight right at IL-16 - 10.0 mi 5. Continue on IL-127/S Main St - 1.4 mi 6. Turn left at IL-185 - 9.1 mi 7. Turn right at E 19th Rd/CR-1900 E - 0.8 mi 8. Turn right at N 4th Ave/CR-400 N - 0.5 mi

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18165 N. 4th Avenue, Coffeen, IL, US, 62017 Email:
Phone: 217-534-6347 Web:
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Full bodied with good acidity, moderate tannins and a spicy finish. A wonderful compliment to your steak or addition to your wine collection.
  Corot Noir
A full bodied, dry red without oak, aromas of black pepper and clove, with hints of jammy raspberry on the palate, straight from this French hybrid grape.
  Indian Summer
As all American as apple pie...this blend of blackberry and blueberry will put you right back in Grandma's berry patch or at the table with a slice of cheesecake.
Our white Concord, a sweet white wine best served cold. Tastes like grapes right off the vine. Remember Grandma's arbor? We found it!
  No. 76
Very reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc - an off dry, white wine offering hints of apricot, with aromas of rose, and best enjoyed at room temperature.
Ripe cherries on the palate, very fruit forward. Slight tannins and a full, spicy finish. Norton is also known as Cynthiana, but by any name this dry red wine will become a favorite.
  Okaw Red
Expected to return in February 2010! Our variety of Leon Millot, finished without oak, very fruit-forward with currant and berry with just a hint of sweetness.
  Okaw White
Spicy aromas lead you to a taste of pears and apples. A sweet wine that is named in remembrance of the Okaw Valley tribes that inhabited this area centuries ago.
Floral aromas greet you as you raise your glass... taste citrus notes straight from the grape, sweet yet so refreshing.
  Winter Blush
This fruit wine is sweet on the palate, followed by a pleasantly tart and mouth-watering tang of cranberry. Pair with turkey, ham and chicken, or enjoy ice cold on a hot summer day.


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