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Fox Hill Meadery

Fox Hill Meadery Fox Hill Meadery was founded in 2007 by Jason Russ. Jason has been brewing mead, beer, wine, and ciders since 1995. He owned a homebrew shop from 2001 to 2006 and used many customers as guinea pigs for his mead experiments! Fox Hill is a family run operation located about 20 minutes north of Asheville, NC. Fox Hill meads can be found on the shelves of stores throughout North Carolina and Georgia. Also check out our website “shop” page for ordering information. We can ship to nearly every state in the country.


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33 Selby Court, Marshall, NC, US, 28753 Email:
Phone: 828-683-3387 Web:
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  Blackberry Honey Wine
Our Blackberry Honey Wine (mead) is a light, refreshing, fruity style. The alcohol content is 11.7% and the mead is off-dry to semi-sweet. We've aged this one with oak, but not as heavily as some of our other styles. We recommend the mead to be served chilled, but not ice cold.16
  Ginger-Apricot Honey Wine
Our Ginger-Apricot Honey Wine (mead) is a wonderful meld of ginger spice, apricot tanginess, and honey sweetness! The alcohol content is 12%. As with all of our meads, it was aged with oak. A light woodiness accompanies the other flavors to perfection!
  Special Reserve Mead
Our Special Reserve Mead is a big, strong, complex honey wine. The alcohol content is 16% and the mead is off-dry. It is aged heavily in oak for a long period of time. This is by far our longest aged mead! We also use a significant percentage of buckwheat honey which is wonderfully unique. This is like no other mead you've ever tasted!
  Spiced Mead
Our Spiced blend is our most popular mead. The blend of allspice, cinnamon, orange zest, and cloves took us a while to nail down, but it was worth the effort. This one really does have to be tasted - and smelled - to be believed. The alcohol content is 11%, the mead was aged with oak, and the mead is sweet but very drinkable due to the balance of the spice.
  Traditional Mead
Our Traditional Mead is made from multiple honey varieties and is aged with oak. The resulting mead is wonderfully complex! The alcohol content is 13% and the mead is semi-sweet. We recommend the mead to be served at cellar temperature (around 50 to 60 degrees F).


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