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Ridgepoint Wines

Ridgepoint Wines Ridgepoint Wines is a small estate winery on the Niagara Escarpment, dedicated to production of premium quality Ontario wines, especially red wines. Our Nebbiolo is unique among the wines of Ontario. We also produce premium and ultrapremium VQA Ontario wines from estate-grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and Merlot grapes. We are at the summit of Ontario wine country ... atop the Niagara escarpment on Cherry Avenue just south and west of Vineland. Please come visit and taste our character.

Off QEW at Exit 57 (Victoria Avenue, Regional Road 24, Vineland). South on Victoria Avenue (towards the Niagara Escarpment). Continue on Victoria Avenue, through Vineland, climbing the escarpment to Moyer Road. West (right) on Moyer Road, to Cherry Avenue. North (right) on Cherry Avenue to 3900 Cherry Avenue.

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3900 Cherry Avenue, Vineland, ON, CA, LOR 2C0 Email:
Phone: 905-562-8853 Web:
Fax: 905-562-8854
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  Barrel-fermented Chardonnay
A deep straw colour glimmers in the glass, from which first rises aromas of sweet oak, toffee, and 'burnt cream.' In the mouth, a feeling of substance, good structure with several layers of flavours ... mineral, lemon-lime, butter, toast.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Ridgepoint Wines 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of medium-intensity red colour in the glass. Aromas of plum, black currant, black fruits/berries entertain an inquiring nose. The taste is of clear, focused fruit, with pronounced tannin in finish (which will become more supple and felt, not tasted, as the wine ages). The barrels have given the wine just a whiff of tar (in a good way) and cocoanut.
This blend has produced a wine of intense red colour in the glass, with restrained black currant/black cherry and dark chocolate aromas arising, all of which will open with aging. In the mouth, good structure means an excellent balance of firm tannin and acidity go with a lighter, fine, fruity finish topped by overtones of bell pepper.
This wine also (as does our Nebbiolo) reflects the 2004 vintage, where drought and heat pulled out some superlative characters in red grapes. Our Ridgepoint Wines 2004 Merlot has a dark, deep, extracted red colour with purple edges as it lies in the glass. Aromas of plums and prunes rise as though they come from a deep, warm, wellspring. The taste seems to mingle black cherry, raspberry, and dark chocolate. The feel in the mouth is well filled-out, but not heavy. Tannins make themselves known in a powdery, slightly drawing way. Barrel-added spiciness, not quite vanilla, lingers at the back of the nose. This is wine that makes you curious, makes you want to come back to the glass and nail that flavour, that aroma.
Nebbiolo is our quest, our passion, our heritage. Nebbiolo is more responsive to where it is grown than almost any other grape, and we are coming to understand what 'Ontario Nebbiolo' might be. This is NOT your Grandfather's Nebbiolo -- the dark, tannic, highly alcoholic wine that is grouchy if disturbed before it has slept 10 years. Our Ridgepoint 2002 Nebbiolo reflects the Ontario vintage: 2002 was severe with heat and drought-like conditions. But hard weather can make great wine, giving smaller and more concentrated berries on the grapevine. Our wine is a deep bright ruby in colour, intense with red-berry aromas. To this, add tar or char on the nose and tongue, and all the vinous characters that say 'big wine arriving now on Palate One.' The evident tannins are fine, not gripping, which bodes well for a long, gracious life. There is fruit, too: a peek of black, maybe candied, cherry and some herbal notes. Barrel-aging has added spice, and the finish comes clean with acid. It is altogether a wonderful rehearsal, and gives the promise of a memorable performance to follow.
  Riesling Dry
This Riesling shows bright, pale, green-straw colour in the glass, and delivers typical floral, mineral, and grapefruit aromas. If served lightly chilled, the wine offers fine mineral flavours, with a hint of oiliness like Cousin Gew├╝rztraminer from Alsace. The alcohol component gives a warming mouthfeel, along with a bigger than expected body, kept in balance with a racy, citrus-peel finish. This estate-bottled Riesling well reflects the character of the unique Riesling clone Ridgepoint has planted, and the contribution that our 'bench terroir' can make to a traditional wine style.
  Riesling Medium-Dry
The Hummer-driving set might call this a 'Girlie Riesling' (as if there was something bad about that). Pale green-gold Riesling colours shine from this wine, and a lovely, luscious, lifted aromas of ripe honeydew melon, lime zest, and banana vamp their way from the glass. All served on a slight biscuit note. Sweetness in the foretaste is neatly balanced with an acid tang at the end. The 2005 Riesling Medium-Dry makes an ideal sipping wine, or one to enjoy with a desert such as lemon meringue pie. This is a sociable, civilized Riesling.
The 2005 Vidal surprised us with a delightful complexity. It has a sweet, floral nose that seems to combine citrus blossom and peach, then minerals. The mouthfeel is light and clear, and the finish zips through with a little acid fare-thee-well. One for the table, the deck, the living room: a wine to wind down with, or provide the incentive to whip up an inventive light dinner.


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