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Cribari Vineyards

Cribari Vineyards Since 1917, the Cribari Family has been recognized as a leader in providing Sacramental Wines to the reverend clergy. Our fine reputation has been earned through the quality of our Altar Wines - quality borne of care and meticulous attention to detail. These altar wines have enjoyed continuous ecclesiastical approbation by the Bishops of Fresno, California. All Sacramental Wines are prepared in full accordance with Canon Law. Cribari Quality Reserve Altar Wines have all the proper characteristics for the high purpose for which they are intended. The Cribari Family's five generations of experience enable us to recommend these superior Altar Wines without qualification.


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4180 W. Alamos Avenue, Fresno, CA, US, 93722 Email:
Phone: 800-277-9095 Web:
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Ruby red, full bodies and dry.
Pale straw color, light bodies, dry and tart, delicate bouquet.
  Golden Angelica Wine
Golden color, pleasantly sweet. Originated in the cellars of France. One of our most popular sweet wines. It bears well, the wine of angels'.
  Haut Sauterne
Pale gold color, delightful and slightly sweet.
  Light Muscat
Light amber in color, delightful muscat bouquet.
  Light Red
Dark pink in color and not quite as sweet as Rosato.
  Muscatel Wine
Amber color, delightful aroma with a distinctive sweet flavor.
  Port Wine
Ruby red, velvet smooth and rich.
One of our most popular wines. Delicate, sweet and pink. Another fine choice for the Holy Sacrifice, especially for Communion under both species.
  Tokay Wine
Red amber, medium sweet.
  Vin Rose
Pink, slightly sweet delicate bouquet.
  White Rosato
A new addition to the Cribari Alter Wines line. Follows the same basic concept of our distinguished Rosato, but a delicate straw color.


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