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Desert Rose Ranch & Winery

Desert Rose Ranch & Winery Our motto is that “we take our wine and wine making very seriously” but not ourselves. We will strive to put the absolute best product that we can in the bottle but we also believe that the sharing of wine should be one of life’s pleasures best enjoyed with laughter, good food and in the company of family and friends. We here at the Desert Rose Ranch & Winery have a passion for classic cars, beautiful horses and fine wine. Each in their own way brings a zest to our life that we love sharing with our friends and family. Virginia is now producing wines that rival the quality of any produced in the world and we are proud to be a part of that trend. We are far more interested in learning how our customers describe our wines rather than attempting to develop the latest catchy phrase. The only “leather” and “terroir” then that you are likely to hear us discussing will be our saddles or mud on our boots. We will gladly, however, discuss the more scientific aspects of our products for those interested but are far happier when we hear our customers simply say – “that wine was pretty good”!!!!


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13726 Hume Road, Hume, VA, US, 22639 Email:
Phone: 540-635-3200 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc
While these vines are relatively young, we expect this to be one of our flagship varietals. Cabernet Franc is fast becoming the most popular red grape grown in Virginia and our 2009 fruit was independently judged to be of excellent quality.
  Hitch Hollow
This 100% Chardonnay was aged in French oak barrels and the fruit from this year can only be described as simply delicious. Hitch Hollow was a community located partially on our property and dating back to the late 1800's. This wine then is dedicated to those hearty pioneers who toiled the land before us.
  Ole Moo Moo
This is our off dry (slightly sweet) white table wine that we aged in stainless steel that gives it a crisp fruit forward flavor. Like our Rosé mix, this blend will also change from year to year. The blend we have selected for 2010 is 4.1% Seyval Blanc, 15% Chardonnay, 22.4% Viognier, and 58.5% Vidal Blanc. We were once in the cattle business here at the Desert Rose Ranch and this wine is a tribute to our one remaining cow who has become a neighborhood celebrity.
  PORT styled
PORT styled is our sweet dessert wine made with 100% native Virginia Norton grapes aged in high quality American oak. We are aging a second half of the vintage in whiskey barrels and expect to have some interesting tasting comparisons between the two methods (with chocolate of course!!!).
R.E.D. is our 100% Chambourcin red wine. Chambourcin is becoming a very popular red hybrid grape grown in Virginia and we are pleased to have it added to our wine list. Ask about the derivation of the name when visiting the tasting room.
It is our goal to produce a very high quality Rosé wine much in line with the finer European versions. While the blend may change from year to year depending upon the quality of the grapes, we have selected a mix of 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Merlot and 52% Cabernet Franc for this vintage. Like R.E.D. above, ask about the derivation of the name when visiting the tasting room.


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