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Chelangr'La Winery

Chelangr'La Winery noon - 6pm daily


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67 Wapato Way, Manson, WA, US, 98831 Email:
Phone: 509-687-9746 Web:
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  Aunt Esther's Elderberry Wine
This wine is a tribute to a strong, sweet woman, so we make the wine the same way. We enjoy it with select desserts and always with a smile.
Lightly oaked in American oak for just two months, so as not to overpower the fnish and to let you enjoy the buttery flavor. Pork, fowl of any kind and white sauce pasta are good food pairings. Server slightly chilled.
Our label is cute and the wine is delightful. Spicy, dry, with a wonderful nose. This wine was made for a hot day and should be chilled for serving. The finish is crisp and refreshing. Pair it with salads, Thai food or enjoy alone.
  Red Table Wine
A delightful blend of 66% Merlot and 34% Cabernet, this wine is good at room temperature. However, I like it slightly chilled. The high alcohol content doesn't mask the fruit, nor burn the mouth. This wine pairs well with red meats, pork, red sauce pastas, and most salads.
A wonderful wine on a hot day. This dry, light and fruity wine is good with salads, pastas or by itself. We blended Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir for this summer treat. Server Chilled.
This often under appreciated white wine is best served slightly chilled. While it is most often blended with Chardonnay, we enjoyed its fruity nose and finish, and chose to bottle it on its own. Very good with seafood, especially shell fish like oysters and scallops. Good also with spicy foods such as Mexican, Greek, or Italian.
  Very Berry Razz
Huge raspberry flavor makes you think it's sweeter than it is. Fantastic dessert wine with anything chocolate, vanilla ice cream, blanched pears, or vanilla cheesecake with graham cracker crust.


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