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Coltsfoot Winery

Coltsfoot Winery After gleaning from the experience of Sandra's father, Earl Williams, a home winemaker, we started experimenting with *country wines. We began with elderberry & blackberry because we could harvest the wild berries at no cost, and then discovered other fruits and berries that made delicious wines. (*Country wines are wines that are not made with grapes.) A friend designed our award winning label, so that we could give our wines as gifts. After much encouragement from our family & friends and receiving a Gold Addy and the Judges Choice from the Tri-City Metro Ad Federation in 2006, we planted our bushes, brambles and orchard, began our farm winery licensing process and started turning a portion of our home into the winery. We felt it important to name our winery something that was meaningful to our family. Coltsfoot was a flower we always looked forward to spotting coming through the snow in the early spring. Coltsfoot is known as the "first sign of spring," or the "bloom of a new beginning.' Thus the name...Coltsfoot Winery. We became a farm winery in February 2009, set our first wine in March, and sold our first bottle in August to our friends, Jim & Annette Thomas of Countryside Vineyards & Winery in Blountville, Tennessee.


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19158 Stone Mountain Road, Abingdon, VA, US, 24210 Email:
Phone: 888-685-8750 Web:
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  Coltsfoot Blackberry Wine
Firm, sweet and fragrant, nothing says "country" like a bucket of handpicked blackberries just waiting to be enjoyed. Our Blackberry Wine is tangy, spicy & robust with a short, smooth finish of unexpected tartness from our home grown blackberries. We use only plump berries with full, deep color and a bright clean appearance. One taste and you'll see why our Blackberry Wine is a hometown favorite.
  Coltsfoot Blueberry Wine
Plump, juicy blueberries picked at their peak; you'll taste your favorite summertime memories with every sip. Our Blueberry Wine is fruity and peppery with a 'hint' of clove that is long on blueberry flavor. The low acidity makes for a wonderful warm, sweet experience.
  Coltsfoot Cranberry Wine
Cranberries are packed with a fun, mouth-puckering flavor. Our Cranberry Wine has a crisp cranberry taste that has been warmed with raisins, for a short finish. We take these perfect little red jewels and craft them into a semi-dry delight that is perfect for chilly fall evenings, warm spring afternoons or any time at all.
  Coltsfoot Elderberry Wine
To sip our Elderberry Wine is to taste the simple pleasures of a bygone era. Our Elderberry Wine has a full-bodied & bold, berry taste with a long finish. Robust, complex and with a unique flavor that has been an old-fashioned favorite for generations.
  Coltsfoot Plum Wine
There are few fruits that are as delightful to eat as the colorful, sweet tasting plum. Our Plum Wine is a light, sweet semi-dry with a refreshingly, crisp, mellow finish. You will enjoy this soft, juicy, delicate fruit in each glass of our Plum Wine.
  Coltsfoot Strawberry Wine
The most popular berry in the world is one of our bestselling wines. Our Strawberry Wine is fruity-sweet, zesty and long on aromatic delight. Along with its clean finish, this wine makes it seem like summer anytime of the year. Made with only the most luscious strawberries, you will savor the sweet juiciness and deep red color in every glass.


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